Five Versatile Canvas Print Styles to Add Character to Your Home

For many people, redecorating a room or the entire house can potentially be a dream project. It gives you the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity and express yourself through your space. From different color palettes to unlimited furniture styles, the possibilities are endless.

However, even if your space is impeccably decorated, it may seem that it still lacks that finishing touch that would bring everything together. If you’re stuck in the same position and don’t know how to transform your space without revamping everything, canvas wall prints might just be what you need.


Choosing wall art can be challenging, but the best thing about canvas prints is that they’ll look right at home in any room. In fact, you’ll find that no matter what ambiance you’re trying to create, there’s a canvas style for everything. With a theme in mind, you can explore a variety of canvas prints for any room in your home. 

If you’re confused about which canvas styles to start with, here are five styles that are so versatile, you’ll never get tired of looking at them:

Panoramic Canvas Prints

If you’re a huge fan of landscape prints, then panoramic canvas prints will instantly transform your space. You can also look into images of cityscape, wildlife, and nature, which can easily add character to your room. 

Additionally, panoramic prints are an excellent idea if you’d like to display a group of your family from a special event, such as a wedding, birthday, or graduation ceremony. Keep in mind that a panoramic display demands attention and will make a focal point on any wall. 

Ideally, you should place your panoramic prints on a large empty space, such as behind your bed or the family couch in the living room. On the other hand, you can also opt for a vertical display and place it in a smaller space. 

Framed Canvas Prints

Framed canvas prints are a great option to consider if you’re going for a traditional look. You can experiment with different aspects, such as the wood style, texture, and color. It also adds extra depth to your print, which is excellent if you want your print to draw all of the attention. 

When placing the framed print in any room, you should match the wood’s color to your furniture. Typically, you’ll have many color options to choose from, including black, white, and varying shades of brown. If you want to experiment, you can mix and match the wooden accents too. Otherwise, frames also work best if you’re going to bring multiple photos together and create a unifying look. 

Apart from this, framed canvas prints are what you need to preserve the quality of a print for a long time since the frame prevents warping or fading. Choose a frame that expresses your style and is compatible with the overall theme. Frames definitely create an excellent heirloom that you can pass down for generations. 

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

If you’re in the mood for a classic design, you can never go wrong with gallery-wrapped canvas prints. Most people prefer wrapped edges because of the raw feel they give.

How it works is that these photos are printed on a canvas and professionally stretched to fit a wooden frame. It’s essential to opt for a quality printer to ensure the print isn’t ruined by loose staples and wrinkles in the fabric. With a tight stretch, your print isn’t cut off abruptly since it continues along the edges. 

Such gallery-wrapped canvas prints are an excellent option to consider if you want something truly versatile and lightweight. They’ll suit any room they’re in and, if you wish to display a photo or piece of art, anything works. 

Collage Canvas Prints

To nurture that creative spark, there’s nothing better than collage canvas prints. While you can use this style to display a variety of images, you can also use the collage style to break up one image into multiple photos to add that extra flair in any room. Many online tools can help you create a collage easily. 

The collage canvas print style is a great idea if you’ve always dreamt of creating a gallery-esque look in your home. For a narrow room, consider stacking multiple prints vertically. On the other hand, for a large room, panoramic prints are your best bet. Lastly, for a regular-sized room, you can experiment with different sizes to create an exciting look. 

Hanging Canvas Prints

For a piece that stands out as a statement piece, a hanging canvas print is a great idea. Hanging images help you experiment with your artistic abilities and work well in contemporary and modern spaces. It can scale ordinary prints and convert them into works of art. 

Print your images with a semi-gloss finish on a high-quality poly-cotton canvas to ensure the canvas is long-lasting and looks sleek. You can use magnetic wooden bars to ensure the canvas stays put. Because of its versatility, the hanging canvas print also serves as an excellent gift for anyone. 

Final Thoughts

Experimenting with canvas prints gives you unlimited possibilities for your home decor styles. From one print to multiple attractive ones, you can easily mix and match to figure out what clicks in the room of your choice. 

You can also choose a custom print, such as a family and friends photo, or use an artistic image you’ve always admired to create that wall art that will bring your room together. Just ensure you’re keeping the room’s size, function, and theme in mind, and you’re bound to create a stunning space!

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