Buying a New Home or Renovating the One You Own?

Ask anyone who has had to take such a decision how hard it is, and they will most certainly tell you that it was quite painful. That is because there comes a point when you find yourself wanting to stay where you are because you are comfortable in your habits, yet you know that if you do, you will have to invest thousands to bring it back to the state that it should be in, so that it doesn’t start decaying. How do you make the choice then? Here is a short answer.

Answering Some Questions

When you face this difficult decision, you need to ask yourself a few questions, in order to get a sense of which direction you should be leaning towards. The first one will be about the future: Is there enough space for the growth of my family? If you have already given up the idea of bringing in more kids to life, then the answer should be yes. If not, you will have to ponder the question according to the space you own, and how many more children do you want to have. If the answer is negative, start calling local removal companies to get an idea of how much it will cost you to move your things into a new home.

The second question should be: Are we still happy living in this house? If you live alone, this one is rather easy to answer. If you have kids that are very young in age, they should not be weighing in, one way or another, just yet. But all the children that are of school age and the adults in the house, should have their say on what they prefer best: Staying or going.

The third one is not of least importance: Is this house making your life easier than if you lived somewhere else? There are many elements that need to be answered in this question. We all have our personal activities, like a gym where we exercise, dancing courses or a social club that we attend. We have created habits in terms of supermarkets and other stores that we go to, regularly. There are the children’s schools and the doctor’s office to think of as well. If they are all close to home and moving would require a complete change of all or most of them, it might not be a wise choice to change house.

Look at the Cost of Renovating and Prices of Houses

You need to compare the costs, in order to have an idea if moving is interesting or even feasible. First, you need to call upon the help of an expert, so that he can determine the amount of work that needs to be done on the house, in order to bring it back up-to-par, and how much it will cost to do so. Then you can start looking for houses that could be interesting to move to, to understand the average price you would be looking at. Finally, call a real estate agent and ask how much your house can sell for. By relating all these numbers together, you will have a good idea of how wise it is to move or to stay in the house you already own.