How to Increase Brightness and Freshness to Your Home

Renovations and doing Do It Yourself (DIY) projects at home follow a trend to have beautiful spaces and gardens. During the pandemic period, the lockdowns increased the awareness of home renovation and decor. Some people realized they had to organize and declutter their homes to create beautiful living surroundings. Other people decorated their spaces to suit their comfort and occupy the time they now had at hand. 

However, no matter how beautiful we create our spaces, without proper lighting, the mood of gloom overtakes the work done. So how can you increase the brightness of a room with well-placed lighting and other accessories? Here are a few ways?

  • Paint your Space with Neutral Colors

For any small room that feels dark and crowded, paint the room in a range of white neutral colors. The lightness of the room instantly increases the feeling of space and lightness. For example, when renovating a small bathroom. You can also use different colors in the spectrum of neutral color paints on the walls but lighten the cabinets with white paint. Alternatively, you can create a more dramatic effect. Paint the walls with Ivory color paint, and use your darker hues like charcoal and neutral greens and blues. 

Larger spaces in your home can also use the neutral color pallet concept to create a sense of a bright feel for your home. The neutral colors provide the background for various color accents and accessories.

  • Air conditioners

Yes, you heard that right. Air conditioners bring a breath of freshness to rooms or homes, especially during the cold season when most windows remain closed. So, always have your local expert provide air conditioning service to maintain your conditioner. Air conditioners remove the ‘stale’ air in a room and replace it with warm or cool air from outside.

  • Use of Mirrors

Mirrors do the dual function as decor pieces and providers of additional lighting to a room. The world of self-adhesive mirrors in different shapes and sizes has made it easier to introduce mirrors as beautiful decor items. You can get these mirrors as a sheet or as pieces of tiles. For instance, you want to introduce more light into your living room. Placing some tile mirrors opposite or next to a window will reflect the natural light around the room and create a feeling of spaciousness. 

  • Window Draping

Hang some beautiful window sheers and open up the drapes during the day to allow natural light to flow into the room. Do you have large windows or glass doors? Strategically place your furniture to face the window, effectively bringing the outside garden into your inner space.

  • Lighting Fixtures

Add some ceiling lighting to a room and give additional artificial lighting. Chandeliers create great focal points and provide surface areas for natural light to bounce off the metallic steel during the day. Use different lighting fixtures to create balance and mood in a room. For instance, dimming lights can brighten or dim a room’s ambiance and help you save the cost of your electric bill. Introduce some wall-sconce lighting to your windowless hallway as a decor item and as additional light.

  • Use Light Flooring

Using light-colored wooden floors or light or white reflective tiles in a room helps bounce off the natural light from your windows. Large neutral color tiles create the illusion of bright bigger spaces.


Introducing more natural and artificial light to your home brings a cozy, airy, and comfortable feeling into your home. Depending on the size of the room, how you introduce ‘extra’ light will make the room feel cozy or empty. Decorate your natural colors walls and floors with decorative accented and colorful furniture according to your style and taste. 

Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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