A Guide To Choosing The Right Spa For Your Home

After a long day, what better way to relax and unwind than soaking in a spa? Spas have several health benefits, such as lowering stress levels, improving sleep, and relieving pain. Many say owning a spa equals maintaining fatigue and being stress-free.

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when choosing a spa. You need to own a perfect one to benefit from it. It’s, therefore, vital to understand what to look out for when choosing a spa to make the best investment. 

Here are the most important things to consider when choosing the ideal spa for your home:


The spa size is the first thing to consider when choosing one. You’ll need to determine how many people you want in the spa at a given time. Suppose you’re purchasing a spa for the entire family. In that case, it would help if you chose one you could fit into as a family. True form Spa Pools options range from two-person to a large-sized spa that can hold seven people simultaneously.

It’s also vital to consider the size of the outdoor space where you want to install the spa. If your outdoor space isn’t ample, it might be impossible to install a party-sized spa. However, if you’re lucky to have a vast outdoor space, you can invest in any size you prefer.


The cost is another vital aspect to consider when choosing a spa. There are two types of spas, each at a different price for various reasons. 

An above-the-ground spa’s installation cost is a bit cheap since it doesn’t require excavation. For this reason, these spas are affordable and preferred. Additionally, above-the-ground spas are easily accessible, making them easy to maintain. Nevertheless, they can be stressful for individuals with mobility issues when getting in and out.

On the other hand, in-ground spas are more expensive, as they require professional spa installation. But they’re easier to get in and out of, making them ideal for those with mobility issues. Additionally, in-ground spas can also increase property value.

Seating Arrangement

Wanting to purchase a spa means welcoming luxury and comfort into your home. For this to happen, the spa must be as comfortable as possible. The comfort of a spa depends on the seating arrangement. Therefore, this is a factor that you shouldn’t ignore when making a purchase.

To get it right, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to always sit upright in the spa using the same jets?
  • Depending on the people who will be using the spa, do you need tall seats or those that can accommodate even children?
  • Do you prefer typical or lounge seats that can elevate your feet?

Once you have answers to these questions, choosing the ideal seating arrangement won’t be a challenge. However, it would help if you selected a seating arrangement that could accommodate all groups, from adults to children.


Spas can be made from acrylic, vinyl, and rotomolded plastic. Every material has unique features, which include how long it can last and how easily you can maintain it. For this reason, each material varies in price, with acrylic being the most expensive.

Maintenance Cost

Remember that maintaining a spa is just as important as the initial investment. Choosing a spa that’s easy and inexpensive to maintain is wise. Maintaining a spa involves checking and adjusting chemical levels, cleaning filters, and performing general cleaning. 

If you use the spa frequently, chemical levels should be checked at least once a week, and filters should be cleaned every two to three weeks. General cleaning should be done at least every two months. Fortunately, spa maintenance can often be done without professional help, and cleaning products can be easily purchased at most stores.


Spas come with different features that include design and jet systems. It’s, therefore, essential to determine which features you’re looking for when choosing one. 

Spas with LED lighting are ideal for night soaks. On the other hand, innovative jet systems are suitable for relieving muscle pain. Some spas are also remote-controlled, while others aren’t. Consider such features to make a perfect choice.


Spas aren’t among the cheapest investments. Therefore, you should be extra careful when choosing one to avoid making a mistake. For example, purchasing a tiny spa for a large family might be a huge mistake since you’ll need to take turns when soaking. The same goes for buying a massive spa for limited outdoor space. To avoid costly mistakes, consider the abovementioned tips, and you’ll be ready to choose the right spa for your home.