Chimney Problems That You May Be Experience In Your Home

Chimneys are common in homes that experience the four seasons throughout the year. Chimneys are meant to remove the smoke from the fireplace that is lit in the house to keep it warm during the cold season. Below are common chimney problems that may require a chimney repair.

Water leaks 

Not only can roofs have water leaks but also chimneys as the home ages. With time as the chimney deals with the natural elements, the bricks begin to expand and contract, which leads to cracks. These cracks allow water penetration into the chimney, causing water leaks. The water destroys the chimney with mold, leading to poor smoke filtration. With time the water mixes with creosote, damping the chimney and causing rust and damage to the chimney. If a chimney repair to remedy the leaks is not done early, the water can damage the roof and even get into the drywall of the house causing mold. Water leaks are repaired by a masonry contractor with the experience and equipment to locate and seal the cracks.

Chimney crown damage

A chimney crown is not a decorative feature as many appear as they are made for a specific purpose. The chimney crown plays a critical role in shielding the chimney from rain by preventing water from flowing down the flue. The most common design is the brick-and-mortar design, as it helps keep pests out and prevents fire sparks from flying out the chimney, landing on your roof and lawn, and probably starting a fire. These reasons make it essential to ensure that the crown of your chimney is always in good shape. If small cracks on the crown are left unattended, they might later make it costly to repair the chimney as you might need to rebuild the chimney.

Wood rot  (Using wood for chimney is 100% not true. It would burn)

Most recent chimneys are made with other materials like wood, unlike the eldest vents, commonly made of bricks. It may seem more disadvantageous as wood is not more robust and durable than bricks, but the primary purpose of a chimney is to keep the house warm and filter out the smoke. Wood is an excellent warmth retainer, so it prevents warmth from getting out of the house and keeps the house warm. On the other hand, if the bricks have cracks that allow water penetration and the water reaches the wood, the wood starts to rot, and if not repaired early, the chimney might crumble down one day. 

Chimney blockage

It is easy to know when your chimney is blocked as the smoke will come back into the house rather than move out through the chimney flue. Commonly, chimney blockages cause birds to build their nests at the chimney crown. Blockage can also be caused by fallen twigs and leaves, soot build-up, and debris.

A clean, functional, and well-maintained chimney brings comfort and warmth into a house and adds beauty to a home. 


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