Smart Home Security Features You Must Have

Smart security systems allow you to control your home security, even when you are away on holiday, at work, or just out and about.

Once you have a smart security system installed, you can use your mobile phone to perform a few commands to activate a number of features.

The good thing is that with advanced technology, there are several automated components that you can install. They range from smart cameras, smart lights, doorbells, alarms, and even thermostats. 

Some of the Features to Consider

Technology such as Google Nest are making our homes smarter and more user friendly. From a security point of view, there are numerous products available in the market and what you choose depends on your requirements.

Just remember to always consult a security installer for advice on the latest products and to ensure they are installed and configured correctly.

Smart Locks

There are so many benefits to installing a smart lock on your front door. They are easy to use and convenient considering that you do not have to carry a physical key.

To control the locks even better, you should pair them with your smartphone. Whether you are at work or away running errands, you do not have to stress over whether you locked the door or not. 

Some come with a touchscreen just like your smartphone or a number pad. You must key fob entry locks in the programmed code for you to lock or unlock the door.

Alternatively, you can choose a smarter one that you control using an app. The most advanced ones will automatically lock or unlock the door. 

For example, if you leave the house in a hurry and it detects there is no one in the house, it will lock the door for you. 

Smart Thermostats

If you are concerned about your utility bills, consider smart thermostats. They help in saving energy which is one thing that you want. You control it using an app.

Once the advanced thermostat adjusts to your climate preferences, you can be assured it will maintain comfortable temperatures. You do not have to worry about controlling the temperature.

As you shop for one, ensure that you purchase the most advanced. There are numerous benefits to enjoy such as reduced energy bills, efficiency, and alerts when temperatures are extreme. 

While not particularly a security feature, it is a safety feature which is of equal importance. Say you forgot to turn off the heating when you left your home. This could present a fire issue. But with your app control you can login and reduce the heat.

Smart Smoke Alarms

This is another important safety feature for every homeowner. As mentioned previously, there could be a fire somewhere in the house but you have no idea it is burning. 

Smart smoke alarms are connected to the internet. It will detect and communicate when there is fire, and will help in identifying the exact location.  Even when you are away, you will get an alert on your phone so you can contact a neighbour or the fire department to alert them of the issue. 

This can ensure your entire home and all your possessions are not burnt to the ground. So in essence this feature protects your property from destruction.

Smart Lights

This is an interesting home security feature that you can control from your smartphone. The LED light bulbs are connected to Wi-Fi, and you have an option to schedule a dim of the bulbs as well as on / off times. 

Besides this, you can choose your most preferred color from a wide range. With this option, you combine style and convenience.

The bulbs also tend to last longer than traditional conventional bulbs.

Smart Security Cameras

Security cameras have long been known to scare off intruders as no-one wants to be filmed in the act of theft. Now with modern technology smart security cameras can be connected to your home wifi making the security footage visible from your mobile phone.

No more will you be left wondering what is happening at your home when you are away. Simply log into your app and view the live feed to make sure all is ok.

Smart security cameras can be linked to smart home alarm systems too so that notifications can be sent to you to alert you of movement in your home as detected by the camera. Then you can view the live feed and see what set off the detection.

Why You Need Home Security Features

Additional home security features such as smart smoke alarms, smart locks, smart thermostats, and smart lights are more than just convenient. They also help protect your home from theft and property damage.

Knowing that your house will be locked even when you forget to do it and you can get a fire alert on your phone, gives you peace of mind whenever you leave your home.

Don’t you want to know that you can monitor your entire property and control security from the touch of a button?