Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings

Industrial floors face the systematic risk of damage from heavy loads, abrasion, and chemicals. The floors often peel and crack under those harsh conditions. With the current advancement of technology,  industries can now install epoxy floor coating to their concrete as an extra layer of protection. Epoxy coating is ideal for concrete and metal surfaces, its resistant to corrosive substances, wearing off through friction and impact from heavy machines. Epoxy is suitable for garages, airplane hangars, automotive showrooms, and manufacturing industries.

Types of Industrial epoxy floor coatings

Eco-floor 1500 floor coating

Eco-floor is an economical floor coating made up purely of a polymer. It has good ultraviolet stability, generally its wear and tear-resistant due to its compressive strength. The layer applies to manufacturing plants, automotive showrooms, aviation hangars. It can also be efficiently stained to be aesthetically pleasing.


SC-1100 is purely solid, and it has a fast curing rate hence suitable for installation in cold areas. It penetrates evenly into concrete, reducing the occurrence of bubbles on the concrete surface. SC-1100 seals concrete effectively, protecting the concrete from abrasion, cracking, and chemical contaminants. It is available in local stores at affordable prices.

Eco-floor SC3300

It is manufactured primarily for surfaces that require superior protection from corrosive chemicals. It is mostly used in aircraft hangars,  petroleum industries, garage floors, and motor vehicle showrooms. It is also placed in linings of containers that carry corrosive chemicals, i.e., sulfur.

Crystal Loc

Crystal Loc is a water-based concrete sealer that is waterproof, protects against dampness, and gives the floor a natural appearance. It works best in monuments, sculptures, walls, and roofs.

Selecting your best epoxy industrial floor coating

Understanding the difference between various industrial floor coatings will help you choose the best coat that will serve your facility. Most floor coatings come in two mixture parts, and you will have to mix the two ingredients to form a quality coat.

Epoxy floor coatings compared to polyurethane coatings

Generally, the epoxy coating offers better adhesion and chemical resistance compared to polyurethane. Both of the coatings have high resistance against friction damage and have nearly similar cure times. Polyurethane coatings have the upper hand in UV resistance. It is also prone to crack because it’s softer than an epoxy industrial flooring coat. Epoxy coatings are the best for industrial floors where heavy machinery is in use, and a long-lasting floor is required.

Advantages of industrial epoxy coating

Durable: In surfaces prone to constant traffic, epoxy can protect the concrete slab from wear and tear. Industrial epoxy has layers of resins that strengthen it, providing resistance against scratch. With proper maintenance and cleaning, the epoxy coating can last for an extended period.

Low maintenance: Surfaces coated with Industrial epoxy require very little maintenance. For your epoxy to last, ensure you clean it regularly, liquid spills are cleared by wiping. The use of ammonia and water removes tough stains.

Protective coat: The underlying concrete slab is protected from cracks, stains, dirt. Epoxy also protects against the adverse effects of freezing.

Safety: Due to its high gloss, epoxy has a reflective surface that facilitates visibility. When combined with anti-slip additives, epoxy protects employees from accidents caused by slipping. The levelness of the coating ensures smooth movement of machines and industrial equipment.

Cost-saving: Due to its durability, maintaining the coating is cheaper than other industrial coatings. The cost of installing is affordable because the coat is applied on an already existing floor.

Variety design: Epoxy coating is manufactured in different colors and installed in various patterns that you prefer. Glittering can be added to the layer giving it an aesthetically pleasing look. Setting up a quality workspace starts with contacting a firm you can trust like JDL Surface Innovations.