3 Benefits of Getting a Weighted Blanket

During the cold chilly season of winter, nothing defines comfort than relaxing by yourself or with friends and family at the comfort of your home. There’s nothing better or any more comfortable than curling up in a blanket to enjoy some tv shows or movies and what better way to enjoy and indulge the moment by getting yourselves weighted blankets by Calming Blankets.

On top of being the perfect companion when you want to snuggle in the cold nights, weighted blankets also come with several benefits that can help you such as an improvement in your mental health.

Here are several benefits that come with getting yourself a weighted blanket

·         Weighted Blankets Create a Calming Atmosphere and Effect

One of the major benefits of owning and using a weighted blanket is how calming and relaxing it can be. The blanket is designed to produce a calming effect when placed on a body and that makes you feel calm and secure.

The main reason why this happens is that weighted blankets act like hugs and nothing says warmth and security than getting a hug from someone. The therapeutic nature of weighted blankets makes it all the more worth it because you get to feel good without having to do much.

On top of that, weighted blankets also have additional benefits such as:

  • Reduces heart rate which is a result of the grounding and calming effect from a weighted blanket
  • Improves feeling security since when the blanket is wrapped around the body it creates a swaddling effect like a bagworm which increases the feeling of security
  • Induces and improves sleep this is supported by the previous benefits as people who use weighted blankets experience longer sleep time and fewer disruptions. These two generally lead to an improvement in sleep. 
  • Weighted Blankets Reduce Nervous System Activities and any Night Movements

While our mind is usually active the most during day time, at night we sometimes get too preoccupied with the events that happened throughout the day or even old events that we start feeling restless at night which leads to an increase in anxiety and over activeness in the nervous system.

A weighted blanket can help solve this because it helps put you and your body to rest. It helps by triggering a switch in your system which signals that it’s time to rest and relax making you feel less anxious and calmer and comfier. Furthermore, the weight of the blanket helps reduce your movements during the night time which contributes to more peaceful and meaningful sleep.

  • Weighted Blankets can help against certain ailments and conditions

The last benefit that a weighted blanket brings is that it can help with certain ailments and conditions such as chronic pain and restless leg syndrome. For the former, the materials and weight of the blanket make the affected area feel more comfortable which eases the pain making it more bearable. As for the latter, it helps alleviate the symptoms associated with the condition by applying pressure to the leg.

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