A Very Brief Guide To The Kinds Of Garage Doors Available Today

The garage has its cultural roots firmly in the 1950s when the suburbanization of Western countries was in full swing following the Second World War. The door of a garage is the most visible part of the space to the outside world and the most significant security feature. Here is a brief guide to the kinds of garage doors that can be fitted today. 

Roll Up

Roll-up garage doors are more often seen in commercial use as opposed to private use. This is largely due to their high upfront costs and unsightly appearance. Despite this, roll-up garage doors are very practical and safe. They consist of interconnected 2 to 3-inch steel slat sections that coil into a drum with the aid of a hand-pulled chain or electric motor. This kind of design does not fit in with the aesthetics of many residential homes but works perfectly well in many brutalist architectural styles


Sectional garage doors are the most popular type of garage door in the United States. They are also installed by companies in the United Kingdom, such as Kay Garage Doors in Scotland. Sectional garage doors are made up of broad slats hinged together. An electric motor or spring system feeds these sections onto a track that is mounted on the ceiling of the garage. This makes the door very space-efficient. 

Side Sliding 

Side sliding doors are a variation of the sectional garage door design. Instead of running along a track attached to the ceiling, this kind of door runs along a track mounted along a wall. The only advantage of this kind of design is that it allows garage owners to make more use of their ceiling space for the hanging of equipment other than the door. Before you install a garage door, ask yourself which free space do you utilize the most: the ceiling or the wall? 


Hinged doors are among the least space-efficient kinds of garage doors. They require a great deal of space to be left empty – either on the outside or inside of the garage – for the swinging of the doors. The reason some people opt to use this design is largely aesthetic in nature. These doors can be made to fit in with the styling of other doors on properties in order to maintain a consistent architectural feel. 

Up And Over 

Up and over garage doors are immensely popular in the United Kingdom. They represent the best balance of security, price, and ease of use for many customers. Up and over garage doors open outwards, but instead of extending beyond the garage itself, they fold into the garage space by means of a small set of rails suspended from the roof. They are made of one solid piece of metal, which is reassuringly solid. Of course, thieves still find ways to bypass this secure style of door, but there are plenty of additional countermeasures – such as garage defenders – that can be used to keep this kind of door safe. 

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