Can Glass Framed Wall Art Improve a Room?

The short answer is yes. Glass framed wall art can improve a room. How does glass frame wall art work its magic? How does it stack up against other types of frames? Read on to find out.

What’s the hype behind glass framed wall art?

Glass framed wall art provides a level of class that other framing methods lack. The glass frame allows for the most transparent and most uninhibited view of the artwork that you can get. That’s probably why glass is used in most museums. Other pros of glass framed wall art include the following:

  • Glass is not prone to scratches
  • Glass won’t wear down over time and damage the art
  • There are UV-filtering options available for glass framed wall art
  • Glass framed wall art gives a luxurious feeling to any home

What are the downsides to glass framed wall art?

Like everything else in this world, there are cons to consider with the pros. Nothing is ever perfect. That’s why weighing the pros and cons is essential to make the best decision for your personal needs. Some cons to glass framed wall art are:

  • Glass is very fragile and can shatter easily. These types of frames must be handled with a delicate touch.
  • Glass is hefty and can be difficult to move
  • The price tag will be higher due to the material

What are some alternative options?

Some alternative framing options are available if you can’t get past the cons of glass framed wall art. They will not give off the same luxurious feel as framed wall art, but they will do the job.

  • Plastic Frames: Plastic frames are probably the cheapest option due to their appearance. They won’t win a beauty contest, but they will keep your art framed.
  • Plexiglass: Plexiglass is a more durable form of plastic and is a step up from regular plastic. It is not as easily shattered as glass but is prone to scratches.

If you want a high-quality look to your wall art that will demand attention, take the glass framed option. If you are an artist that makes your art, you may want to consider glass framing. There are many reasons why framed wall art reigns supreme over all other framing options. Just ask your local museum curator. Museums frame all of their art in glass frames for a reason.