How to Stop Roofing Tiles From Clogging Your Gutter?

Every house has a gutter system on its roof. These gutters are present to remove any unwanted water and other materials away from your house. A roof without a good gutter system can cause a lot of damage to your house.

Sometimes, these gutters start getting clogged and don’t allow the water to flow through them. Usually, people don’t focus on this issue and don’t consider cleaning of gutter an important thing. But cleaning gutters is as important as cleaning your room. To avoid leaks, clogs, and failed gutters, you should hire gutter installation companies.

There can be a lot of reasons that cause the gutters to get clogged. But, here, the main point according to Blue Collar Roofing is how we can stop our gutters from getting clogged. So, this article will go through some points to help you maintain your roof gutters.

What are the effects of clogged gutter?

Clogged gutters don’t seem a big problem, but they can cause a lot of damage to your house. If any unwanted material gets stuck in the gutter, water can’t easily travel through them. Usually, clogged gutters cause problems during rainy days.

Rainwater stores on the roof, and if the gutters are clogged, it has no way to go away. Then this water stays in between the tiles and starts damaging them. It can rust the tile and cause a lot of leakage through walls that even the paint can dull.

Also, if an issue happens during extreme snowfall, your roof can change into ice dams. These ice dams can badly damage the tiles and roof walls. Therefore, it is vital to take this problem seriously, especially before rainy and snowfall days.

Reasons behind gutter clogging

Gutter clogging happens for several reasons, but one common reason is the clogging of leaves or tree branches. Mostly, houses have backyards and grounds around their houses with many trees. During heavy wind, leaves and branches fall on the roof and get stuck in the gutters.

One other reason can be the lack of cleaning of gutters. Gutters require full maintenance, and if not cleaned once a month, fungus or algae can build up between them. They can also clog the gutters and cause damage to the tiles.

How to stop gutter clogging?

It is very important to focus on some points to prevent your roof gutters from getting clogged. Many ways or methods can be adopted to stop gutter clogging.

  • Clean your gutters monthly

A little attention can save you from a big loss. For example, a clogged gutter can badly affect your house’s walls. Instead of waiting for heavy damage, it is better to check the gutters on time. Remove any material that could have stuck in the opening of the gutters.

Also, check for any cracks or dirt around the gutter. A bunch of dirt gathered around the gutter can stop the water from flowing through it. Additionally, cracks can also lead to leakage. That’s why monthly inspection of roof gutters is very important.

  • Trim branches of trees

Trees and plants look very beautiful around a property. But trees closer to your house roof can be the cause of gutter clogging. Trees that have grown branches can fall in the gutters during winds. Also, leaves can form a layer on the gutter and can be a big hurdle for water.

That’s why, before any big disaster, it is important to cut extra hanging branches of trees. If you find it hard, you can appoint professionals to trim trees.

  • Set up higher-grade gutter

If you think you are fully maintaining your gutters, they are still getting clogged. Then look for a better and large guttering system and install it as soon as possible. Although it’s a bit expensive task, it is a good future investment.  

  • Fit gutter guards

If you don’t like cleaning your gutters monthly, you can install gutter guards. These gutters guards will fit on top of your gutters and prevent any leaves from entering into the gutters. It is a better solution for a clean and guarded guttering system.

  • Contact guttering services

Cleaning gutters is not an easy task, and some people don’t like doing it by themselves. However, several guttering services are providing their services for cleaning gutters. They charge a few dollars and clean the gutters. You can easily communicate with them, and they will do the task more professionally.


Cleaning and maintaining gutters is an important part of the routine. A clogged guttering system can lead to many issues like wall leakage, tiles rusting, etc. You can adopt several points in your daily routine to prevent this issue.

Above, we have briefly discussed this issue of gutter clogging. We hope you are now aware of the consequences of clogged gutters and can easily stop this problem.

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