Five tips for styling your home before listing it for sale

Are you worried about how fast your home will get off the market? Many things can go wrong, and your home never makes it off the listings. But styling makes all the difference. 

Prospective buyers want to see themselves living in your home, and your buyer’s agent will advise that styling or staging will give this effect. Effective home styling should create an instant, irresistible impression from the outside before potential buyers even make it through the door, and these five tips will help you.

Hire a stylist

Anyone can style a home. But if you want to get it right, why not leave it to a professional? Hiring a stager or interior decorator gives your house a winning edge over others on the market, and this recommendation is routine among buyer agents. 

A stylist usually offers three kinds of services. First is a walk-through consultation, which involves the stylist recommending how various elements of the space can be shuffled to increase your home’s appeal. Then, there’s an option for a stylist to make a few inputs about changing furnishings. And the holy grail is a complete refix, where you’d have to move out for a stylist to prepare the house for sale. Improve your curb appeal

Buyers see your exterior first. You must make the sight enticing, a lure to see what’s inside. This is why you must enhance your curb, which can be achieved without breaking the bank. You can roll up your sleeves and do most of the work. 

Touch up the paints, add some plants, mulch any idle portion, and take out clutters. To make additions look better, take the landscape up a notch. While trying to impress with your curb, keep things to the basics. Pulling out weeds and planting flowers and greenery shouldn’t cost much. Be careful not to do too much, as most buyers like to add their touch to properties. Just make the exterior neat and beautiful.

Create clutter-free spaces

Homes are likely to fill up with time, even faster if you’re a collector. However, nobody likes clutter, and if you were home hunting, you’d be put off at a glimpse of it. 

Free up the house, yes, including the patio, attic, basement, garage, and all other places everyone considers as storage. Pending when you make the sale, book a storage unit and relocate from there. Buyers love to see the room—all of it.

You’d be surprised how the idea of space spurs home seekers to buy. It allows them to explore their imaginations with each room, so they’d easily dip their hands in their pockets or sign the papers. Take all the extras to storage, and you’d be glad you did.

Don’t personalise the rooms.

This home was yours, but it won’t be in time. You have to make the home attractive to as many prospective buyers as possible. So, you’d need to reconsider wall paintings, pictures and fixings. Go for neutral choices. For the wall hue, choose buyer-friendly colours. If you have brightly painted walls, repaint them accordingly. Colours like beige, white or something with an earth tone is perfect to put visitors in a buying frame of mind.

Also, take away family photos, murals, and personal collections to make your home appeal to outsiders. Remember, if potential buyers don’t dream of creating a home of your property, they will scamper off.

Improve the lighting around your home

Good lighting brings colour, a sense of safety, and an illusion of space. No buyer wants a place that looks like something out of a horror movie, and the absence of light doesn’t only put off prospects but also puts your asking price at risk of being slashed. Invest in strategic lightning and bring in as much natural light as possible to get solid offers and make a quick sale. Sunshine gets about anybody going, and that feeling creates interest in prospective buyers.

Selling your house off comes with doubts, but taking the right steps will build your confidence. You may hire buyers agents like Locate Buyers Agency in Brisbane, market your home in the best ways, and bring in tons of people for showings. Yet, you’d never land a sale if your home doesn’t strike the eyes and entice the senses. That’s where styling comes in, and with these tips, you’d make one hell of a profit off selling your home in no time.