control the presence of mosquitoes inside your home       

Many tropical countries face many problems in the monsoon season, some of which are floods, diseases, and the increase of mosquitoes all around. Every year, thousands of people lose their lives to diseases caused by mosquito bites. While most people try to protect themselves using mosquito repellents and coils, others need to be aware of the dangers of mosquito bites. 

Apart from the diseases that are spread by mosquitoes, several other factors make them unbearable. Mosquito bites are itchy and annoying, which leave a mark on your body that takes a lot of time to fade. The noise that is caused by these tiny creatures can make your life hell and even disturb your sleep at night. 

Precautionary measures to kill mosquitoes :   

To save yourself from the wrath of these tiny creatures, it is best to kill them and live in peace. There are many ways in which you can avoid them and lessen their presence inside your house. Here are several steps that you can take to control mosquitoes inside your home 

  • Close the doors and windows: mosquitoes tend to gather and spread around the gardens and house at dusk. When the sun starts setting, mosquitoes make their way inside homes to suck the blood of human beings. Tightly close your doors and windows before dusk to ensure no mosquitoes enter the house. Sunlight might keep them away for an extended period, but once the sun has set, there is nothing you can do to make them vanish. 
  • Natural repellents: Many Natural mosquito repellent solutions can make your life easier. These repellents are made up of chemicals that are not harmful to the skin. Instead, they lessen the chances of mosquitoes lingering inside your home or gathering in your lawns and on top of your bushes. Mosquito-repellent plants also help ensure mosquitoes die whenever they come close to them. There are indoor mosquito repellent plants as well that you can keep to protect yourself. Mosquito repellent for professionals is also suggested if they are going to come to spray it in your home. 
  • Lemon and cloves: This might seem like it won’t work but believe me when I say that sliced lemon and cloves work like a miracle to make mosquitoes run away. Mosquitoes hate the smell of anything citrusy; if they spot an orange or a lemon, they will find the safest place to hide. 
  • Garlic Spray: All these natural remedies might prove to be beneficial for you. A solution made out of crushed garlic and water is better if you want to avoid chemical-laden mosquito repellents. The stench of garlic is pungent and is best for killing mosquitoes. 
  • Soapy water: Another thing that can act as an indoor mosquito repellant is a soap water dish. Mosquitoes are attracted to water and lay their eggs on it. The soapy water can act as bait; once mosquitoes land on it, they will have no place to go as they will stick to the soap. 

Keep checking all the dark and humid places inside your home to comfort yourself. By taking these small measures, you will provide security to yourself and your family. Staying healthy is everyone’s top priority, so make sure that you don’t step back in doing what you think is best for your family.

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