Should You Use Cali Bamboo Flooring for Your Home?

Do you want to get an inexpensive floor for your house? Or do you want to get eco-friendly flooring? Then I got you because I bring amazing products for your home flooring in this article. 

The material is versatile and quite economic. However, it is an eco-friendly product that will give no harm. 

Yes, you guess it right! I am talking about Cali Bamboo, which is perfect for flooring. If you are going to make a wooden floor, then you can consider it. However, when you bring Cali bamboo home, you can see that such Bamboo comes with scratch-resistance coating. Above all, it will provide you with ease and comfort while you are walking on it. 

Before understanding the use of Cali Bamboo Flooring, you need to know about Cali Bambo and its features. Let’s get an explanation of this to you. 

What is Cali Bamboo?

Kali Bamboo is made up of 100% recycled material that is versatile and eco-friendly. However, the customer’s safety is the priority of Cali Bamboo, and you can easily use it for your family. 

Furthermore, they use the highest manufacturing techniques to improve the quality, which will not affect the environment. However, their flooring has no chemical impact on the flooring. 

In short, it is a perfectly versatile and eco-friendly floor for you and your family. In this write-up, you will understand why you should use cali bamboo flooring for your house. Let us explore without delaying it so much. 

Reason to use Cali Bamboo:

There are many reasons that will prompt you to purchase Cali Bamboo and allow you to install this as a surface in your house. However, let us see the features of Cali Bamboo.

Water Proof:

As an amazing product, Cali bamboo flooring is waterproof and provides relaxation. Sometimes, our children often split water on the floor, and there is a chance of getting slipping into the water. To avoid such a situation, parents may focus on the floor, which comes with water resistance, and their children will never get any injury from falling on the wooden floor. 


Many floors contain chemicals that may affect your  family’s health, but Cali Bamboo has no chemicals. Even it doesn’t use any chemicals for polish. However, it comes with furnished material. 


Cali Bamboo considers the safety of customers as a first priority. However, there are no harmful chemicals used in its polishing. They use high-quality manufacturing techniques that will provide any effect to the customers. 

Scratch resistance coating:

Cali bamboo can have scratch resistance coating, which means it will not get any kind of scratch. Sometimes, when we install hardboard flooring, it will get scratched easily. Furthermore, bamboo flooring is tough and has high density, as no other hardwood flooring provides. All the other wood flooring will get scratched easily. 


When purchasing some products, you always check their life. But Cali Bamboo comes with 20-25 years of life span. However, it can long-lasting up to 50 years if you maintain it well and manage it properly. It is durable and tends to live longer than other hardwood floors. 

Easy to install:

Cali Bamboo is easy to install and maintain in your home. However, you can easily purchase it from any shop and install it with the help of a few laborers. You don’t need any extra help or any extra amount. 

Strong and Durable:

Cali Bamboo is quite durable and strong. You don’t have to worry about its durability. You can spend ten to twenty years, but if you keep it clean, you can use it for up to 50 years. 

Color Variation:

Cali bamboo comes in various color that allows you to use it according to your desire. You can match your flooring color with your furniture as well. So, what are you looking for? When Cali Bamboo provides you the facility to match your wooden floor with your furniture. 

How to enhance the lifespan of Cali Bamboo?

When you purchase a product, you should take care of that product, which will increase the lifespan of your product. The same case happened with the Cali Bamboo; if you take care of bamboo, it will last longer, but if you ignore its care, you will be at a loss.

Remove Dirt and Debris:

Cleaning dirt and debris from your wooden floor will not shorten the life span of your floor. However, several vacuum cleaners are designed especially for wooden floors. You don’t need to place a wet mop on the floor. 

If debris and dirt remain for a long time, your wooden floor will be damaged too quickly. Moreover, contaminants will also be stacked on the wooden floor. So, you should be careful about all the particles falling on the floor.

Sweep the floor:

Sweeping daily will keep your floor’s life longer. When you drop some water or oil on the floor, clean it immediately. Because when liquid remains for a long time, it will soak into the floor and damage the color as well as the lifespan of the wooden floor. 

Use pH Cleaner:

When you purchase a wooden floor, you should purchase pH cleaner because it doesn’t involve any chemicals. Because chemicals can ruin the color of wooden floors and also their lifespan of the wooden floors. Using a low number of pH cleaners will improve the health of your wooden floor. 

Use of anti-scratch pad:

You should use an anti-scratch pad to protect your wooden floor from scratch. Because when you walk on the floor, it may get scratched and damaged. However, you should take care of sharp objects and prevent them from falling because they may form dents and scratches on the floor. Because forming dents and scratches will look odd, decolorization will also occur. 

Mop Bamboo floor:

To clean bamboo floors, you should do this by mopping wooden floors weekly. However, you can easily clean it. But you have to take care that you should not place too much water on the wooden floor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you use bamboo flooring?

Bamboo flooring is strong and durable, and you will use it for more than ten years. However, you can make it use up to 50 years. So, keep your bamboo floor neat and clean for long-lasting use. 

Should the wooden floors be cleaned daily?

To clean the wooden floor, you should make a routine. However, Cali bamboo will clean daily, and you should mop after a week. So the dirt and debris will be cleaned easily. 


Cali Bamboo floor is quite strong and durable. However, Bamboo floor is eco-friendly and renewable. You can purchase it according to your desire and need. Furthermore, it is waterproof and safe. 

Above all, you can easily install it in your home. However, it is quite an easy and simple task to install it. 

That’s all about Cali Bamboo flooring; I hope you find it useful and informative content. If you have any queries regarding Cali Bamboo, you can contact us without hesitation.