Tips For Waterproofing Your Home

If you’ve ever lived in South Africa, you know that it rains a lot there.  That’s why it’s so important to consider waterproofing options in this area.  Be it for your permanent home or even a vacation home, you’ll want to know what you’re getting into.

Weather in Cape Town

The weather in this region follows a fairly typical pattern for this part of the world.  The winters tend to be cool and very rainy.  The summers are warm and dry.  So, while the summer might make it seem like you don’t need to waterproof your property, the winter will end up causing problems.

If you’re interested in a detailed graph of weather patterns in the area, you can look here:  As it starts getting more cloudy, the threat of rain continues to increase.

Why You Should Waterproof a Home

There are a lot of facets to this question.  Of course, it’s not something that’s obvious to a lot of us.  If you’re uncertain, let me explain what waterproofing is, first.

What is Waterproofing?

Like the name implies, the process involves preventing water from permeating your home.  Typically, several surfaces and entryways are lined with some sort of membrane that is hydrophobic in nature.  This leads to a reduction of moisture within the home, and humidity.

There are quite a few ways this can be done.  There are liquid waterproofing solutions, like described on this website, that tend to operate around the utilization of sealants.  I won’t touch on this topic for too long, since a lot of it is quite technical, but that is the basics of what waterproofing is and how it works.  

Personally, I like to know what sort of services I’m investing in for my home.  Those sealants can be used in a lot of different places – some examples are swimming pools, concrete construction, balconies, and even parking lots.  

How Water Damages a Home

It might seem crazy to say this, but water is actually one of the biggest risks for your home.  After all, something like a flood can be absolutely devastating.  It can completely ruin a home and all the belongings inside.  Unfortunately, that’s not the only danger it can pose though.

There are plenty of other sources for water to get into your home.  One such example is a leaky pipe.  If you’re not sure why this is so detrimental, well…let me explain.

Even from a tiny leak, mold can start forming inside your house within 24 hours.  It can also damage your furniture, especially if there is soft upholstery nearby.  Your floors and walls aren’t safe either.  Unfortunately, if your roof is leaking, it might even cause damage to the infrastructure of your home.  This includes your insulation system and even the wooden beams holding up the roof.

Your paint might peel and chip.  Like I mentioned before, mold can start to form.  This is especially dangerous.  Most types of mold are quite dangerous to breathe in.  If you’re not careful, you might even end up with a biohazard zone in your home.  Talk about a nightmare.  The longer you leave such damage unchecked, the more havoc it can wreak.

Prevent the Serious Damage Before it Starts

Like I’ve talked about so far, water damage can eventually become incredibly severe.  It’s important to respond quickly to something like a leak.  However, if you’re careful and waterproof your home, you can help stop some of these disasters before they happen.

There are plenty of options out there for these procedures.  Even locally, waterproof contractors in Cape Town offer these services.  There are many reasons you should consider doing this to your house, and as I mentioned, a few different types.

There is indoor and outdoor types of this service.  What’s nice is once you get it done, you rarely need to have it performed again.  Of course, that’s not definite: sometimes repairs must be made to the membrane protecting your home.  That’s to be expected as time goes on, though.

If you opt to do it, it often increases the value of your home.  Who could complain about that?  Even if you don’t think you’re going to sell any time soon, it’s never a bad idea.

Interior waterproofing is the easier option of the two types.  This tends to involve sealing common water entryways.  This includes windows, doors, or cracks in your wall or floor.  That’s not an exhaustive list, just an idea of what would be done if you go with this option.

Outdoor waterproofing is slightly more complex.  This kind is best if you have a basement that is susceptible to mold or moisture.  While it might involve digging around the foundation of your home, it provides significant amounts of protection.  It might sound intimidating, so if you’re looking to get outdoor waterproofing done I would recommend finding a contractor.

When Should You Waterproof?

The best time to have this done to your house is probably when you’re first constructing it.  That’s obviously not always possible.  Many of us buy our homes from other sellers rather than building from the ground up.  In this case, it’s really not the end of the world to hire a contractor and waterproof when you purchase.

Of course, if you notice a leak, that’s probably a surefire sign to get a membrane to protect your home.  The repair costs would be far more expensive than the sealing process.  The risks involved if you don’t have it done to your home really aren’t worth it.  There are even medical and physical risks involved!

So…Get Your Home Waterproofed Today!

Hopefully, what I’ve said so far is enough to convince you to have this important procedure done to your home.  It increases the value if you plan on selling at any point of your life.  It helps to keep you safe and your belongings safe.  Even if it’s slightly pricey, in the end, it is definitely worth it.

Don’t wait for the rainy months to hit and for leaks to happen.  Be proactive and protect yourself from water damage!

Humna Chaudhary
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