6 Useful Items You Can Gift To The Quilters In Your Life

There are so many wonderful hobbies that we can take on to make sure that we explore and discover new skills to take on. This is important because you need to make it a point to always expand your knowledge. Know someone who’s big on quilting? Thinking about getting them the perfect gift that matches their hobby? Look no further. Here are a few ideas for that perfect quilting gift.

1.      A Small But Reliable Iron

Quilters need to iron their fabrics regularly. A small iron is a great idea, especially one which heats up fairly quickly. There’s a big range of irons on the market, some of which are specifically designed for use in quilting. Big irons can be clumsy, so you want a fairly small-sized one that is easy to maneuver. Compactness, robustness, reliability, and strength, are all qualities of a great quilting iron. Your friend or loved one is definitely going to appreciate such a thoughtful gift.

2.      Fabric-Cutting Machine

In quilting, accurate cutting of fabrics is very important, because it helps calibrate the number of pieces and material the quilter must use. Speed can be very important for quilters, which is why many use fabric-cutting machines. You can find several fabric-cutting machines on this site, and it’s important to look into the different options available to see what suits your loved one best. There are manual and digital versions. Depending on the preferences of the person you want to gift for, you can go with more hands-on manual machines or modern digital ones. When shopping for a fabric-cutting machine, you have to consider its effectiveness at cutting fabrics, size,  portability, and accessories.

3.      Sewing Table

It’s not enough to just have a sewing machine or fabric-cutting machine. Quilters also need a table to put their tools and accessories on. So why not buy your quilter friend a sewing table? When shopping for a sewing table, make sure you strike the right balance between portability and size. As anybody who’s worked with fabrics before knows well, you need space for this kind of work. Be sure to select a sewing table that gives you enough room for movement. Safety is also important; textile work can be dangerous if the workspace is too cluttered. Opt for a table that has a lot of compartments. It’s best if the table has been designed for the types of machines the quilter uses, otherwise, you could get a size mismatch. Comfort is also a major factor, so look for a table that is good for posture and doesn’t strain the back of the person who’s using it.

4.      Rotary Cutter

These tools are highly practical for old-school quilters who like doing their work with their hands. Rotary cutters are part and parcel of any traditional quilter’s toolbox. Sometimes it can be a lot of fun to cut your own textiles, without relying on a machine. Any quilter could always use a new one because these tools get used up fairly quickly. A good cutter speeds up the piecing process. It looks a bit like a pizza cutter, working in the same way but on textiles instead of pizza. An active quilter will wear out their blades regularly, and a new rotary cutter will always come in handy.

5.      Quilter Travel Bag

You never know when your quilter friend might want to travel, or if they need to go somewhere because of work. This means that a travel bag specifically designed for quilters might just be the perfect gift you’re looking for. Any old bag won’t do the trick, because quilters need space for all of their tools, machines, and accessories. A quilting travel bag will have a bunch of neat compartments for everything a quilter needs to take with them when they hit the road. These things can include a sewing machine, spools of threads, cutting boards, scissors, rotary cutters, or cutting machines and textiles. The bag needs compartments to keep things organized, otherwise, stuff would get very cluttered. When looking for a quilter bag, it helps to have a look at whether the compartment made for the sewing machine has straps, otherwise, the machine could slip or move around, causing damage.

6.      Cutting mat

While it doesn’t get nearly as much attention as other quilting accessories, every quilter needs a cutting mat. You can buy cutting mats as a thoughtful addition to your main gift. If you want to purchase a cutting mat, there’s a range of options to pick from. Just remember that bigger isn’t always better. Also, note the difference between different materials. Mats made from self-healing materials are great for longer-term use, but plastic mats are cheaper.

These are just some of the great gift ideas you can choose from to woo that special someone or close friend who loves quilting. This way you’ll be in their good graces for sure since you will be showing appreciation of their special hobby.

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