Here’s all you need to know about Home automated blinds

Technology has made our lives easier and more convenient. Most home products are now automated. The market for smart devices, gadgets, and appliances is growing. The Window covering industry is no exception. Motorized blinds and shades are becoming every homeowner’s first choice. Let us try to learn more about them. 

What are motorized blinds?

They are window treatments that operate through a motor, eliminating the need for manual lifting or closing blinds, making our lives easier. All is done at the touch of a button sitting anywhere. 

How do motorized blinds work?

The roller tube is fitted with a tubular motor operated through remote control. There is no pull and clutch system. There are, however, other ways also to automate your blinds. 

  • Remote Control – This is the most basic yet trendy motorization option in blinds. With a touch of a button, you can raise or lower the shades. You can even operate multiple window blinds with a single remote. 
  • Wall Switch – This is a light switch installed on a wall. It is a centralized remote control that allows you to control up to 15 blinds and shades from one location. A wall switch is a convenient option eliminating the need for remote control. 

What are the benefits of installing motorized window blinds in Orlando?

  • You can connect them to a smart device to add an extra layer of convenience
  • They are the most suitable option for hard-to-reach windows.
  • They are kids and pet-safe option
  • Elderly and physically disabled people can efficiently operate these blinds
  • They are super energy efficient
  • You can operate them from anywhere – some motorized blinds can also come with an app you can install on your phone and use. 

So, if you are looking to add comfort and convenience to your window treatment, consider motorized blinds today! Visit:


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