Here are some cool window treatments to keep the heat at bay

Summer heat is challenging for everyone, and rising energy bills are no different. Well, window treatments can beat the summer heat to a more significant extent if chosen wisely. Here are some window coverings that can help keep you and your homes cool this summer. 

Blackout Shades

Nothing can beat the summer heat better than blackout shades in Orlando. They offer complete darkness keeping the room cooler. You can pair light-colored curtains with dark-colored shades to get maximum benefits. 

Solar Shades

Solar Shades offer excellent protection saving you from the morning or evening sun rays. It prevents your floor and furnishing from sun glare. You can control the light, privacy and restrict the heat transfer. 


Shutters are also great insulators because they help reduce heat gain in your home. They also enhance the aesthetic appeal and add value to your homes. You can pair them with a curtain to achieve better results. 

Insulated Cellular Shades

They are made of pleated materials, and their honeycomb construction has air pockets that reduce heat conduction keeping the temperatures indoors optimum. They protect your privacy as these are opaque window coverings that are not see-through and thus keep the heat at bay. 


Vertical and horizontal blinds are both effective in controlling heat gain. The slats are adjustable, so you can tilt up or down to control the light and adjust privacy. Choose reflective and lightweight fabrics when picking the blinds for the summer season. 

You can learn more about motorized blinds and its benefits by seeking professional help from the design experts. Schedule a free in-home consultation today or visit: ! You can even make your blinds and shades automated and then control them to open and close from anywhere, anytime, at the touch of a button.


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