6 Tips to Stay Cool While Working at Home During This Summer

Summer is in full swing, and you might be feeling a little overheated. If you work from home, there’s no escaping the heat, no matter how many times you jump into the pool. But that doesn’t mean you can’t survive the scorching temperatures. So, these tips will guarantee your space will be cooler than a sorbet by sundown:

1. Use a Portable Evaporative Cooler

Using a portable evaporative cooler can be a great way to stay cool during this summer. A good portable evaporative cooler like a portable evaporative cooler in Australia is energy efficient, safe for children and pets, and can be used in many rooms. It’s important to note that the types of cooler do not use air conditioning so they’re not going to work as well as an A/C unit would. However, they will definitely help you stay comfortable when working at home during hot weather conditions.

2. Invest in an Air Conditioner

If you’re considering purchasing an air conditioner, there are a few things to consider. First, make sure that the product you buy will fit in your room. Second, look for a rating that indicates how efficient the machine is; higher numbers mean less electricity use and therefore lower energy costs. Third, if you plan on buying online or from an Amazon marketplace seller, make sure that the product comes with a warranty against defects and accidents like shipping damage or improper installation. Finally, keep in mind that most people who install their own air conditioners do so improperly, it’s better to let professionals handle it.

Once you have your new AC unit installed and running smoothly in your home office space (or wherever else you like), here are some tips for making sure it stays cool:

  • Keep doors closed while working inside during hot days.
  • Don’t place any hot items directly above where the air conditioning vents are located.

3. Fix What You Have

  • A standing desk is an easy way to stay cool while working. It will help you keep your circulation flowing and improve your posture. You can also add a fan for extra cooling power.
  • Try a ceiling fan. If your space allows it, mounting one in the center of the room will distribute air evenly throughout the space, keeping everyone cool and comfortable as they work on their projects.
  • Invest in a desk that can be adjusted so that you can sit or stand at it depending on how hot things are getting outside (or inside). This way, you’ll always be able to keep yourself comfortable no matter what kind of day it’s been so far.
  • Get yourself a mat. Mats are particularly good for people who spend lots of time standing during their workday; they provide extra cushioning for those feet when they start getting sore from being on them all day long and this happens more often than not if you’re working at home during summertime temperatures.

4. Tinting Windows

Tinting your home office windows is a great way to control the temperature in your home office. The right tint can block out excess light, which can help keep you cool during the summer months. If you live in an area with high UV rays, it’s especially important to consider this option when looking for ways to stay cool while working at home during this season.

It’s also important to consider what type of tint you would like on your window, there are many different options available. A dark tint will keep out more heat and light than a lighter one (but might make it harder for guests or clients who come over), while reflective tints can also be effective at blocking out unwanted heat sources such as patio lights or sun glare from neighboring buildings.

5. Choose a Curtain

Choose a curtain that is light and thin. A curtain that lets in plenty of light, but does not allow too much heat, will help you stay cool and comfortable. Additionally, choose a curtain with good airflow to keep your home as cool as possible. If you can open your windows for fresh air when you’re not at work, this will also help keep the temperature down.

Choose a curtain that has good insulation properties. Thick curtains absorb extra heat from sunlight during the day and radiate it back out into your home at night, making them especially uncomfortable to sleep under during the summer months. If possible, look for curtains with thicker fabric or metal mesh so they don’t trap as much heat in their fibers (and therefore make things hotter). You may need two curtains if one doesn’t give enough coverage for example one thin sheer panel on each side of an airy window valance made from heavier material such as cotton canvas or linen muslin would provide optimal comfort levels without sacrificing style points.

Choose an easy-to-clean fabric like cotton velvet which resists stains better than silk satins do; this way there won’t be any leftover stains visible through any transparent sections (such as lace).

6. Work Outside

You can avoid the heat by working outside. Here are some ideas:

  • Work at a park or other outdoor area where there is lots of shade.
  • Check out a nearby cafe, library, or co-working space.
  • Ask a friend if you can work at their house for the day, or find another place to get away from the heat and bustle of your apartment complex.
  • If you feel like splurging on yourself and are willing to stay inside during this hot summer day, check into a hotel room in an air-conditioned building.

Hope that this guide has given you some ideas on how to stay cool while working at home this summer.