How to Illuminate Every Corner of Your Home Like a Pro

Floor lamps and modern pendants are used to brighten up space, but light can do more than just illuminating a dark area. It sets your mood and motivates you to handle your routine. In this post, you will get some light design ideas for every corner of your home.

 The idea is to blend light with home interior aesthetically while keeping in mind functionality and practical aspects.

Living Room Lighting Design

Using a single layer of light is dull. You can overall look and appeal to this standard room by mixing it all up. It means setting modern floor lamps of unique design in the corner and putting some table lamps on your side tables. 

Your home decor won’t end here. Layered illuminate requires you to blend overhead lighting beautifully with task and accent lights. 

Adore your living room center area with a crystal chandelier (if you have the classic home theme) or modern pendant lights to complement the contemporary interior. 

As the center area is well-lit, now move your attention toward the outer walls. Grab some downlights, wall sconces, or accent lights that will add life to your art, walls, and artistic designs. Modern floor lamps should be a part of the lighting layer design as they bounce light off the ceiling and create an aura of fantasy light, making the living room warm and welcoming. 

Accent light is always used to highlight the art, but don’t overdo it. Try to create a few focal points. The main principle here is to contrast light in the center and outer walls.

Kitchen Illumination Plan 

Your kitchen is a functional space; you cook there and enjoy meals with your family. It must have proper light. Take a start from your ceiling, where you can install recessed lights on ceiling edges. Try to amplify brightness here but not at the cost of your eye strain. 

Do you have a kitchen island? Great, the center of the island is undoubtedly the best place to install modern hanging lights. You will prepare and eat food there, so a bit of style and drama with fancy lighting will be the best lighting plan. 

Another thing that requires proper lighting in the kitchen area is cabinet space. You need to install some LED Light strips under the cabinet. This area will have the adequate counter space light you need the most during food prep.

Lighten Up Your Bedroom

Is your bedroom face direct sunlight? It would help if you still had a lighting plan for this area. Install a modern pendant light in the center, and then go with a recessed lighting fixture. You will have dark corners at night, increase brightness in that area with modern table lamps.

When you have a dark bedroom, you can think of adding more lights. A brighter floor lamp will add a chic element to space. You need a big-size hanging light on the ceiling while walls require a pair of sconces. Do you have a fireplace? If yes, then install sconces over it. When you don’t have it, choose a wall opposite to the bed for wall sconces.  

Brighten Up Your Bathroom

Every homeowner makes a common mistake of setting recessed fixtures over the sink. You don’t have to follow them. This lighting plan is nothing but a failure as it creates a shadow on your face, and you won’t get the light you require. 

The best lighting plan in the bathroom is setting wall-mounted sconces over the mirror. Imagine a stage’s backstage mirror, an actor gets ready there, and it’s fully illuminated with lights. It would help if you kept that mirror in mind while setting brightness in your bathroom. 

For sparkling luxury in your bathroom, you should consider installing modern hanging lights, crystal chandeliers, or some unique sculpted ceiling lights. 

If you have some bathroom art to highlight, it’s good to make the most accent lights. Floating shelves will get proper illumination with concealed LED strips. 

Choose Floor Lamps Carefully

You must need a floor lamp in your home interior. It’s a modern layer of style and design that brightens up space and instills extra charm that can’t be provided otherwise by other kinds of lighting.

Arch floor lamps can be a subtle addition to your home office. They are elegant and have a professional touch, so they become a polished part of office design. 

When you need to select modern floor lamps, always pay attention to the overall room theme. Try to get a light that creates a contrast in a neutral space. 

You should get a tripod floor lamp in an apartment as it works as a statement piece and creates an enticing visual impact. 

When you have a dark corner in any room, you can adore it beautifully with modern floor lamps. 

Be Careful with Overhead Lighting Selection

Homeowners try to create a beautiful light layer with recessed lighting, but as they aren’t good at choosing them, they end up creating unwanted shadows in the space. It’s a mistake of the home interior, so please avoid it at any cost.

Try other kinds of overhead lights to illuminate your room. A globe over a center label creates a uniform light experience. Hanging lights over the dining table is a common but right choice as it creates depth. Prefer wall sconces and lamps over recessed lights, wherever possible.

Install Dimmer with Light Fixtures

You don’t need the same intensity of light all the time. Create drama and fantasy in your space by adding dimmer to every light fixture of your home. Dimmer offers you flexibility and total control over light. Maybe you are in a romantic mood and want to dim the light in the dining room for a candle-light-themed dinner with your partner. In that scenario, you can set the light as per your mood and need. 

Wrap Up

Next time, when you need to create a lighting plan for every corner of your home, please pay attention to some suggestions I mentioned in this post. If you follow those ideas, you will be able to light up your home like a PRO.

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