Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Porta Potty Rentals

Guests at your outdoor event will have a terrible experience when you fail to offer nearby washrooms. Although this looks like a small thing, it’ll damage your company’s image. That’s why you should consider renting portable toilets for this event.

With so many other things to do when planning an outdoor event, choosing porta-potty rentals may be challenging. You’ve no idea how to find the top company that offers portable toilets for rentals. Also, you’re unsure of key features to help you decide the ideal porta-potty to get.

To help you out, here are the top five factors to consider when choosing porta potty rentals.

1. Available Porta-Potty Options

The first factor is to check the porta-potty options a given company offers for rental. The idea is to compare these different types of portable toilets and determine the one to get. You should strive to get enough porta-potties to accommodate the number of people attending your outdoor event.

Find a top company like Plummer’s Disposal with specialists who’ll advise you more on these different types of porta-potties. These specialists will even recommend the ideal type of portable toilet to rent for your event.

2. Delivery Time and Help Setting Up

Everything else is set for the outdoor event, but you’ve yet to receive the porta-potties and set them up. You’re anxious as you don’t know if you’ll get the portable toilets before the event starts. You fear setting up the porta-potties during the event, causing disruptions and commotions.

That’s why you should check the time a given company takes to deliver the portable toilets. The idea is to select a firm that’ll deliver the porta-potties before the start of your event. Also, look for a company that’ll advise you on the ideal location for the portable toilets and help you set them up.

3. References and Reviews

The other factor to help you select the best porta-potty rentals company is reputation. You can gauge the reputations of various companies in this industry by seeking references and reviews. The objective is to discover how the past clients of these companies rate their services.

You’ll pick a company with high ratings for delivering clean porta-potties that meet your needs.

4. Price for Renting the Portable Toilets

Comparing porta potty prices that different companies charge is the other factor to consider. However, don’t prioritize cost and ignore other factors as this may lead to getting low-quality portable toilets. Strive to find a company that has affordable rates for porta-potty rentals.

5. Customer Support Responsiveness

It is vital to know who to call when you encounter any troubles with the rented portable toilets. The idea is to select a company that offers timely support. The objective is to resolve the matter quickly and avoid disrupting the event.

Simplify Choosing Porta Potty Rentals by Following the Right Factors

Knowing the above factors is key to choosing porta potty rentals that fit the needs of outdoor events. The objective is to get the portable toilets from a reputable company that charges fair rates. Also, look for a firm that’ll offer fast support when you encounter any problem.

For more advice on how to set up any outdoor business event, please see our other articles.

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