Top Ways Pests Are Damaging The Sweat Equity Out Of Your House

Most homeowners spend time and money making their houses as comfortable as possible for themselves. In the process, they are likely to add items, such as decking, or even an extension. These additions often increase the value of your home, effectively boosting your equity and making you financially more secure.

This is often referred to as sweat equity as it takes hard work and your time to transform a house. Unfortunately, all your work can be for nothing when pests damage it, effectively depriving you of your house addition and eliminating the sweat equity.

You need to be aware of the way pests can damage your sweat equity and know when to call the exterminators and have the problem resolved.

Wood-Boring Insects

One of the best-known wood-boring insects is the termite. However, it is not the only one that can eat its way through your wood. The carpenter ant and carpenter bee are also known to make holes in wood.

Regardless of which insect you are dealing with, having holes and potential structural issues in wood is not a good thing for your home. If you suspect you have an issue contact your local pest control specialists immediately. 

It can help to treat your deck and other wood regularly. This will help to deter insects and other pests from finding it attractive.

Chimney Invasion

Pests inside your home can cause a huge array of issues and one of the easiest ways for them to get in is through your chimney. It is also one of the most attractive options. After all, in the winter you will have heat coming out of the chimney and that makes it appealing to almost any insect.

The good news is that you can easily stop pests from entering this way by adding a chimney cap to your chimney. It lets the smoke escape without letting anything in.

Electrical Damage

One of the most expensive jobs in a home is having the electrics completely rewired. It can also be a messy job as much of the wiring is contained inside the walls. If you’ve invested in new electrics then your hole is more desirable. However, rodents pose a serious threat to any electrics. They will happily gnaw through the wiring. This can cause short circuits, power fluctuations, and even start house fires.

You can’t stop the rodents gnawing your wires, it is better to work on keeping them out of your home. That means sealing up all the potential entry points and perhaps having the odd trap down to alert you to their presence.  Don’t forget to check all vents are sealed with mesh to allow air movement but prevent pests from getting in.

From The Trees

If you have trees that overhang or even sit close to the roof of your house you’ll find that pests use the tree to get themselves to your house. An overhanging branch makes it easy for any pest to get on the roof and then find its way into your home. 

After that, they can cause significant damage and cause you to lose any equity gain your sweat has earned.