How to Choose the Best Patio Umbrella for Your Outdoor Space

Spending time outside with family and friends is what you’ve waited all winter for, and it’s natural to relish every moment you get sitting at the table on your home’s patio. That warm, comforting feeling of sunlight hitting your body for the first time in months is delicious and something you shouldn’t take for granted. An estimated 63 percent of new homes in the United States feature patios.

The key to a perfect patio is finding the best patio umbrella to provide a break from direct sunlight as you sip your chilled beverage. The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to picking a patio umbrella material and size for your home’s patio.

Keep reading to upgrade the shade on your patio today!

Find the Right Shape

You’ll find various options to choose from when you’re shopping for the best patio umbrella for your home. Knowing the patio size will help you find a shape that provides the shade you crave. The most common umbrella shapes you can choose are round, square, and rectangular.

Choosing a rectangular patio umbrella is best if you’re using it to shade a dining table and chairs for an outdoor dinner. A round umbrella is an excellent option to provide shade to a couple of pool chairs. Consider your purpose to find the right shape and patio umbrella placement.

Choose the Right Patio Umbrella Material

Umbrella material is another significant thing to consider when shopping for the best patio umbrella. Most high end patio umbrellas are made of acrylic or polyester materials since they’re durable and resistant to fading from the Sun’s UV rays. You’ll find several fun color options with these umbrella materials.

Pick a Patio Umbrella Tilt Mechanism

Patio umbrellas that are difficult to use and tilt will sit unused. It’s vital to find options for patio umbrellas that are simple to situate for the best protection from the elements when relaxing on your patio. Some designs feature a button that helps you tilt the umbrella at the best angle, while others use a crank mechanism.

The lift mechanism is also something to consider. A crank is often the quickest and simplest way to lift your patio umbrella into place when you’re preparing for a relaxing day by the pool. Pully lifts are also efficient.

Find the Best Accessories

Having an umbrella that stands up to the elements isn’t enough for your entertaining patio needs. Consider purchasing the best patio umbrella and adding accessories like fairy lights and base tables. A cover is also wise to maintain your investment when you’re not using it.

Add the Best Patio Umbrella to Your Home’s Patio in 2023

Knowing what you’re looking for in the best patio umbrella makes the shopping process simple and efficient. Find the best combination of patio umbrella size and material to meet your entertaining needs, and consider the tilt mechanism for a wonderful user experience. Don’t forget to outfit your patio umbrella with accessories like fairy lights and base tables.

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