Window Perches And Heated Beds: A Cat’s Weakness

Every cat owner’s goal is the ultimate happiness and comfort of their feline friend. If you’re a cat owner yourself, you must relate to wanting to cater to your pet cat’s every need. It’s a given, of course, since these lovely pets end up becoming a part of one’s family. However, there are many ways you can go about to pamper and take care of a cat sufficiently. There’s the option to buy expensive cat food and snacks for them, get them colorful toys, regularly maintain their litter, and some people even get quirky clothes or costumes for them to wear. These are all viable ways to take care of one’s pet and quite efficient in implementation. However, the most popular thing cat owners have been getting for their cats recently to grant them more comfort is a cat window perch

As we all know, cats love staring outside windows for some reason. It’s a stimulant of sorts for them. This is why these window perches have been getting all the hype recently, and rightfully so because they’re a personal favorite one of the cats. 


What Is A Window Perch?

If you aren’t already aware, a window perch is a kind of seat attached near a window or hung up from it. They can be placed near the window through velcro attachments or even permanently screwed in. Cats can comfortably sit on them to look outside the window or even simply lay there to sleep. There are a myriad of benefits for getting a window perch for your cat, and they are as following: 

They Keep Your Cat Warm And Cozy!

You can make their window perch as comfortable as you want by incorporating blankets and pillows onto it. Not to mention, the sunlight coming from the window acts as a natural heater for the cat to get nicely warmed up. This will surely become your cat’s favorite spot during the winters, and it won’t be vulnerable to getting hurt by the heater by frolicking around it. 

They Make For A Good View:

Cat’s are naturally curious and love to observe their surroundings. Through the assistance of a window perch, they’ll be able to look into the happenings of the outside world from the comfort of your home. They’ll likely satisfy their inklings to go outside through this, and you won’t have to worry about them potentially getting lost if they go out. 

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