Bedroom-interior 101: A Guide to Matching your bed frame to your bedroom’s interior

If choosing the mattress took you long, then choosing its’ house, which is the bed frame, would take you longer, trust me. 

If the living room has the sofa set as its main centrepiece, and the dining area has the dining set to be its’ main piece, well, for the bedroom, it is the Bed Frame that holds the prominence whether we realise it or not. Without the bed frame, your bedroom would be nothing but just another room in your house. This article is your ultimate buying guide on choosing the best kind of bed frame that will suit your vision for your bedroom with a mix of introducing you to this year’s trending interior themes. Are you excited? It is time for you to sleep in comfort and style!

  1. Ensure that the bed frame size goes well with your mattress: If you are retaining your old mattress or bought the mattress first, make sure to go with the size of your mattress. 
  2. Does the size match your bedroom size: This is the basic thing that you should consider when trying to buy big pieces of furniture and coordinate it with just a limited space. Is the bed too big or does it overpower other elements of your bedroom, such as nightstands and vanity table? This does not just concern the space you would allot for other furniture but also ensure that you can freely move around your bedroom. Ideally, there should be at least 2-3 feet spaces on the sides of your bed. And if you are buying separate framed bed frames, it is important to keep in mind the space you should allot for the headboard. 
  3. Carefully choose the type of support: Interior designers strongly suggest the use of platform beds nowadays. A Bed Frame’s support is responsible for keeping your mattress’s quality intact. Without proper support, your mattress would sag or get worn off easily. The two main components of Bed Frame support are the platform and the box springs. 
  4. Pick the bed’s height carefully: This is a crucial factor, especially when you have problems climbing a high-designed mattress and bed frame. Decide on what is comfortable for you, and if you have kids who may be sleeping on your bed, consider that as well. But if the specific height does not please you, you could choose to customise a bed frame.
  5. Check its materials: Your main choices for bed frames are usually wood and metal. In terms of sturdiness and durability, they are almost the same. The only thing that makes them different from each other is design and style. Check the legs as well. Make sure it would not damage your carpet and floor.
  6. Quality check: This will be the last step and the deal-breaker among your bed frame choices. Do not sacrifice comfort over style. Always make sure that it does its job perfectly.


Your bedroom is a sanctuary for you to rest and relax after a long day outside or from work. It is only essential that you provide yourself with the kind of care you deserve after all the hard work. Work hard and rest comfortably without any regrets!