Ways to Determine If Your AC Unit Needs Repairing

Before the heat of the summer takes over, you will want to ensure your AC (air conditioning) unit is in peak working order. Testing out your unit after a long winter should be one of the first things you will want to do to maintain comfort within your home. Beyond maintenance, as AC units get older, they, unfortunately, may need repairs. Certain tell-tale signs may appear and indicate that your AC unit is in need of repairs.

Air Quality Issues

When you turn your central AC unit on, and you notice warm air blowing out of the vents within your house, it may be an indication that there is an airflow blockage or compressor issue. This problem should be addressed by a professional team, such as an air conditioner repair service in Salt Lake City. As well, a weak flow of air coming out of your vents could also be a sign of a blockage in your ductwork, an air filter clogging or a breakdown in the motor. Again, this signal indicates your AC unit is probably due for some servicing.


In some cases, a professional repair service can offer advice to install additional features such as a heat recovery ventilator that supplies air from the outside. This ensures that your indoor air quality will be constantly restored.

Abnormal Cycling Patterns

If you notice your AC unit turning on and off very often, it is another indication that a service call is in order. To resolve the problem, simpler adjustments can be made to your unit. For more serious issues, you may be advised to replace your AC unit with an entirely new system. Sometimes a seemingly uncomplicated concern might be a symptom of something more serious and only a professional technician can diagnose what is wrong.

Moisture Problems

AC units should have the ability to maintain humidity levels. If you sense a higher level of humidity, a service call is likely necessary. A recalibration might return your unit back to working order. However, if the problem can’t be solved this way, your repair technician might suggest alternative solutions such as installing a dehumidifier.

Issues with your refrigerant can also occur. If you notice that more than the usual amount of water is collecting around or even dripping from your AC unit, immediately notify your repair service. Water and mold damage to the surrounding area might result from prolonged drippage.

Other Sensory Indicators

Peculiar smells originating from your AC unit should be dealt with by calling your service team.  To prevent odors from intensifying, your AC repair professional can perform the necessary adjustments to your cooling system. For persistent bacterial accumulation issues, recommendations to clean out your ductwork or carrying out UV treatments can eliminate the offensive odors.

Besides strange smells, odd or loud noises coming from your AC unit can also point to existing problems with the system housing your refrigerant. Humming, clanging, whistling to grating are some types of noises you might hear coming from your coolant system. Problems stemming from these sounds can be as simple as a loose component or more extensive issues that might require a tune-up or in some cases, a replacement of your entire unit.

No matter what issue you encounter with your AC unit, consulting with a certified professional specializing in AC systems is the best way to ensure everything is in working order. In the long run, having a trained service repair team look after your AC unit can help prolong its lifespan and make certain your home remains cool and comfortable during the hot summer months.

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