Common Services Provided by Glass Contractors

Have you ever been relaxing at home when suddenly, you heard that telltale tinkle of shattered glass? Maybe a kid threw a ball through your window, or a bird flew into it, or perhaps the glass was just old and finally cracked.

Regardless of what happened, you suddenly find yourself in need of a glass contractor.

That might be the most common scenario, but it’s far from the only reason you might need to hire a glass contractor. Glass contractors offer a variety of services beyond simple repair.

Read on to learn some of the other benefits of glass contractors.

Custom Windows

One of the most common glass contractor services is custom window installation. Glass installation is a difficult business, especially if the window is an awkward shape or size; it should only be handled by professionals.

Glass contractors can work with both residential and commercial glass, depending on your needs.

Commercial glass differs from residential glass in the amount of light it lets in, as well as other factors. It’s a great choice for offices, storefronts, and other businesses.

Glass Doors

Glass isn’t just for windows; glass doors are also popular. A glass contractor can handle door installation just as well as window installation. In fact, just about everything that applies to windows applies to doors, too.

There are many benefits to glass doors, especially in commercial spaces!

Glass Repair and Replacement

Naturally, glass contractor services also include replacement and repair of damaged glass. That doesn’t end at popping in a new pane when your window breaks, though.

There are many facets of glass repair. For instance, what if your glass is scratched, but not broken? A glass contractor might offer scratch removal. Glass contractors can also repair water damage and prevent leaks.

You might need to contact a glass contractor even if you don’t have obvious glass issues. It may simply be time to replace your windows. Older windows can have all kinds of issues that warrant replacing them.

Other Services Offered by Glass Contractors

There are many other services that a glass contractor can provide. They may be able to help you set up a glass shower enclosure, for instance, or create a beautiful glass tabletop.

Some glass contractors offer skylight installation. A contractor might also be able to work with large mirrors.

Board-up services are also available from some contractors. If your business has been damaged by some kind of natural disaster, a board-up service can help protect the property until a more permanent solution is available.

There are as many types of glass contractor services as there are uses for glass. Flexibility in services offered is one of the many benefits of glass contractors.

Take Care Of Your Glass Needs

Glass contractors can be a huge boon to any home or business. Whether you need to repair or replace a broken window, install a new sliding glass door, or do some renovations around the office, a glass contractor can help.

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