All About Washable Rugs

Imagine a living room where all your best-picked furniture sits perfectly. The walls are painted just the way you like them, and the floors are nice hardwood with a neat carpet to finish it up. Everything is going well until your toddler drops their grape juice while playing with your dog, who comes back with muddy feet. Now, you have a sticky toddler, a muddy dog, and a whole carpet to wash. It’s too much work, especially if you are a busy person. Well, there is a solution for those kinds of cleaning problems that will save you time and energy. Since you can’t get rid of your child or the pets, getting a washable rug is the most recommended solution.

These rugs are commonly placed where people often stay with their shoes on, like the living room, the kitchen, or the entryway, which tends to get more dirty than other rooms. It’s okay to tell people to take their shoes off, but in case they don’t, at least you have washable rugs around. Rugs brighten up a room, giving it a comfortable and warm look. Unique designs are used to hide stains. Placed on top of a carpet, it protects it from spills and dirt, which will maintain its longevity and quality. There are many rug designs that you can choose from, so it’s like you are hitting two birds with one stone, as you can get a fancy looking rug plus it’s washable! 

Washable Rugs are Lifesavers

It is way more convenient to replace rugs than carpets. It is a good investment for your house. Washable rugs are less expensive in the long run as small rugs can be thrown in the washing machine, and for bigger rugs, rug cleaners from stores have an affordable service fee, or if you like, you can clean it on your own and just hang it to dry. You are free from the struggle of scrubbing as washable rugs are made of durable and lightweight materials that don’t need any special tools to clean. 

With that, washable rugs are preferred to be placed in your kids’ bedrooms. There are rugs that are stain and water resistant that are ideal for kid-friendly spaces in your home. Also, there are area rugs that are made of cotton or wool, which are soft for kids’ delicate skin. Pets love cozy spots where they can snuggle and sleep, and if they get too excited and can’t handle holding on to their pee, washable rugs will protect your carpet! Pets also leave a distinct pet odor that can stain your rug. Rug covers are recommended as they have a water-resistant barrier that prevents any liquid from seeping through the floor. 

Carpeted houses have better air quality than houses with hard floors. Carpets act as filters that pull airborne pollutants out of the air. They catch these, which is why vacuuming is necessary. Carpets are hotbeds for allergens. Dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, or any other microscopic particles that can trigger allergies can be found on carpets. Likewise, rugs also filter the air, and as soon as they are placed on top of the carpeted floor, they take over their job. But as I said, there are many options you can choose from. A lower-pile rug is better. Since people are at home most of the time, it is advised to clean your carpets or rugs often.

Washable Rugs and Their Washability and Complexity

All rugs are washable. However, some rugs that brand themselves as “washable” are commonly machine-washed, which isn’t that necessary for the other rugs. But these rugs are designed to be cheap and easy to clean. Rugs can be made with different kinds of cloth and some should be hand washed or else the washing machine can damage their quality. Washable rugs are commonly thinner than other rugs, so expect that they may not last longer than traditional ones. So as you wash them, consider being careful and cautious. 

Rugs can be made from different types of cloth, like synthetic materials, wool, silk, cotton, jute, bamboo, leather, sheepskin, faux fur, polypropylene, and polyester. Synthetic materials, which is why rugs are thinner than wool or cotton rugs, can still feel soft. It is budget-friendly, so you can buy as many as you wish. Polypropylene and synthetic rugs clean up easily and are fade-resistant, which is good for high-traffic areas like the kitchen or entryways. But polypropylene does not decompose quickly, so if you are environmentally conscious, this is not a good choice. 

Nevertheless, it is easier on the planet. Some of the recommended rugs are made from sustainably-sourced premium recycled synthetic fibers. It is cheaper but will last longer, which will save you a lot. You can reuse washable rugs for as long as you like instead of throwing them away, which will take up space in landfills because it will take a long time to decompose. Jute and bamboo rugs are made of natural materials that also add a coastal vibe to your space. They have an economical price point that makes them a good value, but you need to be more careful with jute and bamboo rugs as they are difficult to clean and can show watermarks. It is recommended to be placed in areas that have light traffic, like entryways to bathrooms or bedrooms.

Washable rugs have been growing in popularity for so many good reasons. Common houses have carpeted floors and spend on hiring professional cleaners to maintain their cleanliness. We like a clean and safe home to live in, but to be honest, cleaning is sometimes tiring, so we try to avoid making any mess. But still, accidents happen. With washable rugs, we save money on professional cleaners. They are easier to clean, which saves time and energy, but we still have a beautiful and comfortable looking living space. The quality of washable rugs is increasing over time, and people can choose from more designs and price ranges that fit their own style. Spilling your coffee won’t be stressful anymore.