How to Hide Exposed Electric Wires and Fixtures?

As our society advances, you’ll inevitably have increased supporting utilities in your day-to-day. Electrical lines, water lines, and even your fiber connections are just some of these utilities you depend on to work with little to no failure.   

To ensure your fixtures and utilities stay protected, you’ll need to find creative ways to route them in and around your structures. Doing this also makes your space look clean and guarantees you’ll enjoy your aesthetics without cluttered pipes and wires.   

Fake Rocks  

Your home may have a septic tank, and chances are it’ll also have a gas vent sticking out of the ground. Typically these vents look like white pipes and will undoubtedly look out of place in your yard.  

You can solve this issue by covering the vent with a fake rock. The beauty of this solution is that artificial stones will fit in your garden nicely, and you won’t have to stare at the odd pipe sticking out of the ground.  

These synthetic rocks will also help you cover other garden utilities, such as water pumps and valves. Thankfully, they weigh next to nothing because of their fiberglass construction, so putting or removing them will be hassle-free.  

Wood Lattice Panels (AC Units)  

AC units are another piece of hardware that is difficult to hide, especially if making your garden look nice is the top priority. The metal industrial look of outdoor units makes them stick out like a sore thumb in a field of green. Here’s how you can fix it.  

You can utilize wooden lattice panels that form a fence around the air conditioner. Hiding your AC behind wood panels will make it stand out less or conceal it entirely with the proper preparation. Just ensure the gaps in the lattice panels aren’t covering up the vents so your AC doesn’t lose its efficiency.  

  Access Panels  

At some point, you’ll need to shut off your water mains or reset the breaker switch. However, you’ll also need to find ways to protect these from unauthorized access or elements. In this situation, access panels are the solution.   

You may consider getting a flangeless drywall access panel for this purpose. These access doors are the perfect balance between form and function. Hiding away on a regular day, yet still allowing you access to whatever components they hide. Why sacrifice form over function when you can have both? 

Pop-Up Outlets

Electrical outlets are a necessary aspect of our society. We need constant access to electricity to charge our devices, power up appliances, and so much more. While they are helpful, they can be unsightly at times. Fortunately, pop-up outlets provide you with the best solution.  

You can place these on countertops, bedside cabinets, and floors. The most beautiful aspect of these gadgets is that they remain out of sight. Just pop out the outlet when you need to charge up, and you’re good to go!  

Proper Cord Routing  

Sometimes all you want is a simple solution that requires little investment. With some creativity, you can simply tuck away cords behind your furniture. All you need is some plastic cable clips from your local hardware store, and you’ll be good to go. 

A fantastic example of this is routing your lamp wires down along the legs of your bedside table, creating a genuinely neat interior space without the need to drill into your walls or attach cord conduits to your walls.  

Finding Ways To Blend Form and Function 

Remember that all spaces have different layouts, so take time planning what cables go where. Taking your time to research will ensure you maximize the aesthetics and function of your interior. Hopefully, with these simple tips, you will have the cleanest-looking workspace.