5 Points to Follow for a Smooth Bathroom Remodeling in Northern VA

Northern Virginia forms a part of DC, which ranks among the 50th largest metro areas in the nation, and the average home price in the area is around $614000. Reports also showed that the average cost of bathroom remodeling Northern VA could range anywhere from $5200 to $13700. 

If you are a homeowner planning to remodel the bathroom for your existing house, or an aspiring Northern VA homeowner who wants to get a remodel done before moving in, you may want to ensure you are careful with the process because it is expensive. 


Bathroom remodeling is tricky, and there is complex plumbing and electric work involved. It is good to research a lot about remodels before starting the process since bathrooms can be challenging even for construction experts and interior design experts.

Start by Setting a Viable Budget

Bathroom remodeling could end up putting a dent in your savings. The budget would also depend on how extensive you want the remodeling to be. If you are planning on gutting the entire bathroom, you will need a more comprehensive budget. If you’re going to change a few tiles and hardware, your budget could be smaller. 

Experts suggest it’s best to set aside 20% of the budget for emergency expenses when budgeting for the bathroom remodeling. It is essential to accept this fact before you start the process. You may want to fix a budget that is sensible and feasible.

Seek the Help of Experts

Northern VA has seen a shift in demographics over the last 20 years, with the percentage of the married population falling by half from 69% to 32% in 2019. Reports show that a significant portion of the resident population is single adults and “Millennials” with student debts. The youngsters are creative with their home décor and remodeling ideas. 

However, bathroom remodeling is not the best DIY project unless you are an expert yourself. Inexperienced and amateur work can cause critical damage to the bathroom and plumbing. There is a lot of technical work involved when it comes to bathrooms. Hence, it is best to get an expert to do your bathroom remodeling in Northern VA. 

Plan for Extra Room and Consider the Ventilation Requirements

If your bathroom is small, you could try installing built-in cabinets, foldable soap dishes, and multi-purpose stands for your bathroom while you are remodeling it. You can also work with corner cabinets, tubs, and stands to make the best use of available space. 

Storage is another essential component that shouldn’t be overlooked or underestimated. When you plan for your bathroom remodeling, you may want to plan for storage proactively. You will need storage to store away cleaning products, makeup, towels, shower caps, and hangers. Planning can aid you in finding storage options that are economical in terms of space and money.

Ventilation is as important as space. Inadequate ventilation can not only make your bathroom look dull, but it could also cause moisture retention and mold infestations. If your bathroom windows are poorly sized, you may want to consider installing exhaust fans with high exhaust capacity. 

Northern VA sees a considerable amount of snowfall and rainfall throughout the year year, with icy winters. Ensuring the bathrooms have ample ventilation becomes even more essential because of the cold climate and rainfall. 

Pay Attention to Bathroom Lighting

Bathrooms are where people spend a lot of time dressing up, applying makeup, and fixing their hair. While blinding lights are not recommended, the bathroom should have proper lighting. Bathroom lighting is generally dimmer than other rooms. 

You could consider installing modern ambiance lights or lights with dimming switches. It doesn’t usually get bright and sunny in Northern VA before 7 AM. It will be a good idea to add lighting around mirrors if you have to leave early for work, college, or school.

Protection to Lower Sections of the Wall

The lower section of the wall is subject to splashes of water and constant moisture. Beadboard could help prevent wall damage and add an antique look to your walls. Adding a good coat of oil-based paint over the beadboard can provide additional protection. Your bathroom remodeling expert can even make the beadboard blend in stylishly with your bathroom’s interiors with the help of paint and tiles.

Planning Can Help Make Your Bathroom Remodeling Process Smooth and Cost-Efficient

Northern VA accounts for 37.02 percent of Virginia’s total population, making it an expensive real estate center. However, reports show that it is a popular place to live among families and students. Your housing maintenance needs in Northern VA are more expensive than that of most other states. It would be wise to plan carefully and use a remodeling expert’s help if you plan on getting a bathroom remodeling done.

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