Is Vida Mall the Biggest Construction Project In The Egyptian New Administrative Capital?

Vida Mall New Administrative Capital is one of the biggest construction projects. For decades, this company has shown its importance in the real estate business. Vida Mall was built to draw those who want to invest in the new capital. In this article we will be discussing everything about Vida Mall, its locations, rates, and payment systems.

Vida Mall is one of the most strategic malls in the new administrative capital. Its address was specifically selected to complete the incredible landmarks of New City. It is located on two sides No. 4 and 8 of the Downtown district, overlooking the governmental district, pharmaceutical, insurance, and leisure zones.

Where is Vida Mall from the other important places?

 Nearby places to Vida Mall Administrative Capital

  • Vida Mall is located a few minutes away from the financial and government district.
  • It is located 10 minutes from the northern Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.
  • Vida Mall is about 10 minutes from Monorail Central Station.
  • The mall is only 5 minutes away from the Al Massa Hotel.
  • Vida Mall is only 20 minutes by car from New Cairo.

To meet the needs of all investors, all types of units were supplied in Vida Mall, it has a total area of 8,917 m2. In addition to the ground level, Vida Mall consists of eight floors. Now let’s look at the Vida Mall units you can get.

  • The business units of Vida Mall starts with a surface of 45 m2.
  • Bookings of administrative and medical services from Vida Mall starts from 45 m2 and are located between the 3rd and 8th floors.

Design of Vida Mall, New Administrative Capital

Vida Mall is designed to decorate the downtown area of the New Administrative Capital in a modern architecture style. As regards to the reservation of Vida Mall shops, there is three types of activities available: 

  • Shops.
  • Medical units.
  • Administrative units.

Facilities and Services of Vida Mall New Capital

Stores and units in Vida Mall are distinguished by a selection of amenities and facilities accessible in the project:

  • In Vida Mall, lifts are open all day long.
  • Foreign and local restaurants and cafes are included in the food court of the project.
  • A Sky Lounge in Vida Mall is open.
  • Broad landscapes and open spaces.
  • Both Vida Mall units have free high-speed Broadband.
  • Track cameras in the project and automated day-to-day safety mechanisms and guards.
  • Central air conditioning for all Vida Mall business, health, and administrative units.
  • A special cleaning machine for the mall 24/7.
  • Machines for ATM banking.
  • A special place for the loading of freight.
  • An advanced fire fighting system and electrical generators.
  • Vida Mall is fitted with electronic gates.
  • Solar panels provide almost half of the electricity of the house.
  • An automated device to gather the waste from the mall.
  • A dedicated conference and group space.

Prices of Vida Mall New Capital 2021

Unit prices in Vida Mall vary because of the various spaces available. The owning company was keen to supply Vida Mall units for sale at a great discount. Besides the competitive price per meter in the city center, let’s hear about Vida Mall’s meter price:

  • The meter price for commercial units in Vida Mall begins from 45,000 EGP.
  • The meter price for the Vida Mall’s healthcare and management units is between 18000 EGP and 24.000 EGP, and the price per meter is lowered by up to 20 percent.

The stores prices in Vida Mall start at EGP 2,025,000 for commercial units and the value of administrative/medical units begins at EGP 810,000, with many systems of reservation, payment, and installment.

Reservation Systems of Vida Mall New Capital

Vida Mall units can be reserved through several payment methods and this extends for commercial, medical, and management units as the following mechanisms now allow Vida Mall shops to be put on a payment basis:

  • No down payment and 5-year payments of Vida Mall units reservation scheme.
  • Pay 5% down payment and the balance over 6 years in installments.
  • The outstanding balance can be charged in installments over seven years and 10% as a down payment.
  • In up to 8 years pay 20% on reservations and fees.
  • In case of cancelation of the deal, the repair deposit which is reimbursed is five percent and 5 percent added to the overall amount one year before the reception.
  • For industrial units, there are 50,000 EGP maintenance accounts, while for administrative and medical units it is 20,000.

The Delivery Date for Vida Mall Units

Finishing provisions are required in Vida Mall to the highest expectations. The company decided to supply medical and administrative units of Vida Mall as ultra-lux, while the commercial units are supplied semi-finished with air conditioning.

Furthermore, both rooms are furnished with a terrace. It is to be in 2023 as regards the launch date for units Vida Mall.