Top Home Architecture Trends for 2021

Are you looking to build a home in 2021? Hoping to provide it with a sleek and modern style? If so, you might be searching for some trendy design ideas. 

Well, look no further. We have the design ideas you seek. So, without further ado, here are some of the top home architecture trends for 2021.

An Industrial Interior

A trend that has been popular for some time now is to furnish the interior of the home with an industrial flair. This includes everything from brick walls to cement floors and to wood and metal countertops and the like. 

The industrial look is defined by its simplicity. It offers a professional and bare-bones quality to any home that it adorns. 

This look is particularly popular in kitchens, likely due to the popularity of television cooking shows. Note, though, that it can be instituted in other parts of the home as well. 

Ambiguous Open Spaces

Another trend that’s popular is to leave ambiguous open spaces throughout the home. These spaces connect several different rooms, providing the home with optimal spaciousness and visibility. 

For instance, instead of putting drywall and a doorway in front of your living room, you could have your kitchen flow naturally into your living room. Not only will this create more space in which to put different possessions but it will also help the home to feel larger and more connected. 

The drawback is that noise from one room can leak over to another. But, in some circumstances, that can actually be a plus. 

A Pampering Bathroom

In most cases, a bathroom is used solely for bathing, showering, grooming, and, well, going to the bathroom. But this is slowly changing. More and more, homeowners are using their bathrooms as places to pamper themselves. 

They’re equipping their bathrooms with hot tubs, saunas, and the like, effectively turning them into spas. They’re also decorating their bathrooms in different ways, making use of potted plants, stone gardens, open showers, and other elements that you might see at a formal spa. 

So, if you’re looking to optimize the relaxation of your prospective bathroom, take this tip into account. There are all sorts of things that your home builder can help you to accomplish. 

Large Windows

Most homes’ windows are small, compact, and equipped simply to let in some ventilation and sunlight. However, more and more, homeowners are utilizing the benefits of large, room-sized windows. 

These windows are advantageous not only because they provide great visibility and sunlight but because they offer up a great bit of atmosphere as well. They bring a bit of the outdoors to the indoors and allow the residents to feel a little closer to nature. 

Not to mention, they just look nice. After all, having a large window is like having a glass wall and that’s always going to be intriguing. 


Minimalism is sought-after at the moment and for good reason. It leaves a home feeling clean, precise, and comfortable. It doesn’t overstimulate the mind and — in a world where we’re overstimulated almost constantly — this can be a great thing. 

So, when building your home, think about keeping it simple. Utilize only one or two colors, let these colors cover large areas, use standard trim, and just let the rooms breathe. 

While it can be cool to throw as many colors and styles together as possible, it’s just not in right now. This isn’t to say that you can’t buck convention. But if you want your home to look good to others, using minimal decor is ideal. 


Another of many home architecture trends is to employ balconies in the design. Balconies not only provide homes with a great deal of texture and variety but also offer relaxing recreational spots at which residents can sit back and take in a nice view. 

You could put a balcony over your garage, for instance, and then furnish it with outdoor furniture, a grill, and maybe even a fire pit. You might even be able to equip your home with retractable windows, allowing you to turn the balcony into an interior room during the cold months. 

For examples of what you could do with balconies, take a look at the Terrace Homes website. Many of their homes are equipped with balconies and could help inspire you to great things. 

Tiled Exteriors

There are all sorts of materials that you could put on the exterior of your house, from vinyl siding to wood shakes and more. However, at the present time, tile is growing more and more popular. 

There are ceramic tiles, clay tiles, carbon fiber tiles, and stone tiles, and they all come with their very own aesthetics. Tiles provide a great deal of symmetry to the outside of a home, while also giving it texture and atmosphere. 

You can use them for both siding and roofing and because they can last for over 100 years, they provide a terrific return on investment. 

Flat Roofs

When you think of a house, you probably think of a sloped or triangular roof. These types of roofs are undoubtedly still in. However, more and more, we’re seeing flat roofs on top of houses. 

A flat roof offers more symmetry to a home, providing it with a cleaner and more compact aesthetic. Flat roofs are the very definition of modern and will undoubtedly help your home to stand out amongst the rest. 

And because they’re never seen by passersby, they don’t need to be equipped with high-quality shingles. Low-cost flat roofing materials will get the job done. 

Time to Incorporate These Architecture Trends Into Your Home

If you’re looking to build a stylish modern home, these architecture trends will serve you well. Discuss them with a building company near you and you’re sure to end up with the residence you desire. 

Looking for other home building information? Our website has you covered. Browse some of our other articles now!  

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