Why Sliding Shower Doors are the Bee’s Knees

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re in the throes of a bathroom renovation. Still, just maybe you’ve just had a sudden realisation that your shower curtain isn’t cutting it anymore and suddenly you know, the one with the pink flamingos that have seen better days? Well either way, let’s talk about something that potentially has the ability to revolutionise your morning routine: sliding shower doors!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Shower doors? Really? This is what my life has come to?” But hear us out for a quick minute or two. These aren’t like grandpa’s shower doors but the sleek, modern, and dare I say…a tad bit sexy kind?

The Slide of Your Life

First of all, let’s address the elephant in the room, the undeniable cool factor, the way you slide to unlock your phone. Now you can do the same with your shower and feel as if you’re sliding into your shower like a secret agent in a high-tech movie scene.

Space Savers

Secondly, let’s talk about practicality, and that is that if you’re living in an urban shoebox (like most of us), then every inch counts and unlike hinged doors that swing open and closed, sliding shower doors glide parallel to the wall, saving you those precious few inches of space.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Now we move and talk about a fan favourite, aesthetics. Sliding shower doors are like the George Clooney of bathroom fixtures, timeless, charming, and surely easy on the eyes. They add a touch of elegance to your bathroom that says, “Yes, I am an adult who takes their home decor seriously”. Plus, they come to expect a variety of styles and finishes.

Easy to Clean

Lastly, let’s talk about cleanliness. And if you’ve ever had to wrestle a mouldy shower curtain into the washing machine, you know it’s about as fun as stepping on a Lego. With sliding shower doors, cleaning becomes a breeze, as the good thing is that with a quick wipe, they’re sparkling like new. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Sliding Shower Doors

1. How do I clean sliding shower doors?

Cleaning sliding shower doors is easy, as all you really need is a squeegee, some warm water, and mild soap. Just simply start by wiping the doors down with soapy water, then use the squeegee to remove any excess water and voila!

2. Do sliding shower doors work in small bathrooms?

Contrary to popular belief sliding shower doors are ideal for small bathrooms because they don’t swing out into the room, saving you valuable space.

3. What if my sliding shower door gets stuck?

Occasionally, the buildup of soap scum or hard water deposits can cause the door to stick but is easily preventable with regular cleaning and even if the door is still stuck after cleaning, it may be an issue with the rollers, and you might need to have them replaced.

In Conclusion

Well, folks you’ve heard it here. Sliding shower doors aren’t just practical for your bathroom; they also add a touch of style. They’re space-saving, easy to clean and let’s face it they give you that hotel vibe. I mean, who wouldn’t want that?

So, say goodbye to your worn-out shower curtain. Say hello to sliding shower doors. The champion of bathroom accessories. Your morning routine (and your Instagram feed) will definitely appreciate it.