Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas to Host A Dreamy Wedding

Outdoor weddings are so much in style today. This concept of big event tent rental allows you to be more creative in terms of decoration. 

The balmy environment, romantic photo backdrops, and the warm ambiance of an outdoor wedding are reasons enough to host one for yourself. 

Outdoor weddings are comparatively light on your pockets as well. You don’t have to pay a hefty amount to reserve a banquet hall for your reception or opt for bigger halls with air conditioning to accommodate a large number of guests. You can plan an outdoor wedding by renting the wedding tent at any outdoor location and go ahead with the decoration. The kind of décor that you are planning to execute for your wedding plays a vital role in making your outdoor wedding a big hit.

Here are some outdoor wedding ideas that you can take for inspiration to host your big day beautifully: 

Keep it natural 

You do not have to do an elaborate decoration to host an outdoor reception. In fact, keep everything natural and organic to beautify the arrangement. Look for a scenic place that is full of natural beauty and allow nature to be your décor. 

The trees, flowers, hills, gardens, or any other outdoor setting with nature’s decor can keep the entire outdoor space naturally beautiful. Once you have decided on the right venue, you can go ahead with different kinds of decorations to complement and complete the outdoor setting. 

Hang your décor 

Having trees at your venue for the outdoor wedding is a bonus point. You can use it as a prop and hang beautiful décor items and accessories on the same. The décor accents such as glass bottles, hanging floral arrangements, crafty hanging frames, wind chimes, and others can be used to create a beautiful ambiance. 

While working on the hanging décor, make sure to use a strong rope and secure everything tightly to the branches to prevent them from falling during the event. 

Use floral beauty

Outdoor weddings and floral arrangements go hand in hand. You can decorate your outdoor ceremony with beautiful and colorful blooms. Flowers can be used in many ways to create a serene atmosphere for your outdoor wedding. 

Use them for simple decoration such as fencing or decorating the tables and centerpieces. Use your favorite flowers to create beautiful flower arches. You can either pick a variety of colorful flowers or choose blooms of a single color or type to give life to the whole arrangement. Your outdoor venue will not only look aesthetically appealing but will smell heavenly too. 

Light it right 

To create a warm and soothing environment for your outdoor wedding, you must focus on using the right lighting. Lighting is the key that sets the right scene for your wedding day. Do not experiment too much if you are hosting a daytime outdoor wedding. Natural lights will do their job well. 

But if you are hosting an evening function, it is a good idea to experiment in terms of lighting. Use string lights around the trees and the floral canopy to define the arrangement. You can also buy some statement lights such as pendant lights, statement bulbs, and others to enhance the overall decoration. 

Arrange comfortable seating arrangements 

Fixing the right kind of seating arrangement for your outdoor venue is integral. Whether it is your cocktail or reception party, do not overlook the seating reservations for your guests. Ensure that the seats are comfortable and relaxing for all the guests. 

You can plan for some outdoor lounge furniture including lounge chairs, swings, or cushioned chairs. Set up furniture that complements the whole ambiance to give your arrangement an aesthetic look. 


The above-listed ideas for an outdoor wedding decoration are not only easy to exercise but pocket-friendly as well. Start working on them for your special day. We promise your guests will have a great time!