How can you Increase the Privacy of your Home?

When you’re at home, you want to feel comfortable and secure. If you’re on display to the street outside, or you’re at risk of unwanted third parties snooping in on you, then you might have difficulty relaxing – which takes away some of the joy of being at home!

Why is privacy at home important?

A study of 2,000 UK homeowners by Burton Roofing found that 81% of us would look through a net curtain into a neighbour’s property if we had the opportunity. And given that this is a self-reporting poll, we can be sure that at least some of the remaining 19% aren’t being entirely forthcoming about their snooping habits. 

It’s not the worst thing in the world to want to take a peek at how your neighbours live. Curiosity is human, and we’re naturally attuned to how our social peers live. But if you’re thinking about privacy, this instinct might be a tad alarming. You wouldn’t want people peeking into your home, even if you understand the instinct.

Privacy also has the welcome effect of reducing your risk of burglary. Remember that most burglaries are crimes of opportunity. If a would-be burglar can’t see into your home, they can’t sense the opportunity. If your front room is on display, and there’s an expensive television sitting there alongside games consoles and home cinema equipment, then it might present a tempting target.

How can I improve Privacy in the Home?

There are several different ways you might preserve your privacy.

Blinds and curtains are an obvious choice. They allow you to selectively prevent outsiders from seeing in, while still allowing natural light through. Blinds are an ideal choice in that they can be angled so that light can still get in from above, but that passers-by don’t have a clear sight line into the room.

The windows themselves also present a privacy concern. This is where Velux windows and skylights can be extremely advantageous. Since they’re installed into the ceiling, there’s very little risk that anyone will see in – but you still get the advantage of natural light. Windows of this sort are a great option for spaces where traditional windows are impractical, like loft conversions. 

Garden Privacy

You can make your outdoor living area more private by installing tall fences, hedges, and other physical barriers. You can promote the growth of privacy-ensuring plants with the help of the right trellising.

Security and Cameras

Security cameras will deter crime nicely – but they’ll also deter passers by from venturing onto your property out of sheer curiosity. While many of us will happily admit to being nosy, we’re much less likely to want to get caught in the act.

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