30+ Beautiful designs of Blue Velvet Couch

A building is an incredibly complex structure consisting of many parts which play an essential role. A house made of good or even great materials can fall short if the architecture is minimal or even subpar. The importance of architecture is further shown with how the overall house looks. However, a house that looks beautiful from the outside but has no internal characteristics will fail to please. 

Internal characteristics of a house complete its overall look; they create a theme for the place. Furniture is perhaps one of the major tools of creativity to use for establishing and applying a theme. Décor and theme are essential components to enhance the house’s look are usually made with contrasting components. But what color to choose? You can go with Blue as it is an extremely versatile color, and it blends in any theme you want it to. For deco or even classical themes, an aesthetic and well-upholstered couch can help enhance the overall look and feel of the room.

Why Choose Velvet?

There are many premium materials available on the market, and while almost all are good, velvet beats them by a large margin. Velvet is an extremely aesthetic, comfortable, and premium material that makes it a highly recommended candidate for furniture and curtains. Furniture made with velvet diffuses light in the right way for the most accurate color depiction. It is the best material for those looking for that extra sharp and vibrant color scheme.

The velvet material is also impeccable when it comes to the different themes it is applied to; its elegant overall look helps bring the theme more alive. A basic yet important piece of furniture in a house is the designated Couch. The couch needs to be aesthetic comfortable and should elevate the theme. This is why velvet is the best option. It offers the most comfortable feel and the stark color contrast it emits. 

A Blue Velvet Couch is one of the best style statements with a function that you can make for your house. It will suit a large variety of themes and backgrounds. It will simultaneously allow room for accents and textures of different kinds; this makes customizing a room extremely fun and easy to do.

Real photo of a modern living room interior with a sofa, armchairs, table, paintings and patterned carpet

Modern blue velvet couch sets for living rooms in modern décor themes and contrasting accents.

Types of Blue Velvet Couches

There are so many types of couches to choose from, but whichever one you select should match the house’s overall theme. One of the main factors that differentiate all couches from each other lay in their parts. Some couches have 3, 4, or even five parts, while some are made for sectional patterns or have an L-shaped design. The arms and legs of a couch are indicators of what style the couch is. Most commonly, modern couches can be found with ease. 

The best designs for blue velvet couches range from Mid-Century, Chester-field, and roller over the arm English-style couches. The upholstery is an impeccable part of how any couch will look, and so it should be made to the custom idea of the theme for the room. The stitching of the couch should be made with the best modern velvet material available as these materials are more durable and easy to maintain. 

Themes for Couches

For themes that are of the modern era, the couches design should be either strictly modern or mid-century. Large sectional couches in just one material may look like they lack contrast and throw off the theme’s look. There is no need to panic if you go for them; just make sure to utilize the best accents and textures possible for the color scheme and theme. Some styles will definitely create the oomph you are looking for classical or even retro looks. A cabriole or camelback may be the best choice to go with a classic theme. The Blue Velvet Couches in these designs can be upholstered in many custom ways with different types of velvet, and they are a great piece of furniture for enhancing the aesthetics of the room. 

Velvet couch background texture with sunken buttons

Close up of customized upholstery on a beautiful blue velvet couch with a vibrant shade of blue.

modern luxury interior. blue velvet sofa in living room. giant plant in pot. stylish room

A modernized armless cabriole style blue velvet couch with a textured velvet finish and medium-light shade of blue.

Two seater sofa in blue velvet fabric with wooden legs on white background – 3d render

A two-seater couch built with blue velvet material and minimalistic upholstery. The couch has rolled-over arms and short legs for a dynamic build.

luxurious blue velvet sofa and and white sculpture of a dog near the armrest behind a white wall

Sculpture style luxury daybed sofa with blue velvet material and open roll-over cushion arms provide a  chique look. Read about HOW TO CLEAN CHAIR CUSHION.

3D illustration. Blue armchair velvet. White background

A single-seater classical blue velvet couch seat for luxurious retro classic themed rooms.

Blue velvet sofa

A chaise lounge style couch in a modernized built for latest luxury furniture. This blue velvet couch is built for artistic living rooms with modern themes.

Blue velvet sofa with gray cushion, modern sofa texture with sunken buttons

Close up of unique upholstery on a blue velvet contemporary modern mid-century couch

The Many Shades of the Blue Velvet Couch

Sectional couches are made to fit into corners in a room, and an L-shaped couch is perhaps the perfect fit for the corners of a room. Classic couches such as camelback or mid-century have different designs of the upholstery, but more importantly, the wooden structure on which the velvet is upholstered is extremely different. The wooden parts are exposed. Some have long legs and short arms, while others have this situation reversed. 

Even the lighting at the couch placement is important; the way it reflects the couch will ultimately determine how it looks and determines its aesthetics. The shade you choose for the blue velvet couch depends on all of these factors. The look of the room and the theme are also highly dependent on the shade that you choose for the couch.

There are around six different shades of blue in the velvet material; all of them have different lighting patterns, hues, etc. this offers a great amount of customization for your couch. Instead of being restricted by the shade, you can place the couch anywhere you want. These colors range from dark shades such as ro6yal or oxford blue to lighter shades such as True or bleu de France. 

Along with the style of couch and upholstery you choose for the Blue Velvet Couch, the choice of shade will help complement the background on which it is placed. The surrounding accents choice will also have attained a wider range of choices. 

modern suede couch sofa isolated on white background

3-seater blue velvet couch with roll-over armrests and exposed dark brown shade legs.

retro velvet sofa. classic luxury interior. blue sofa near big windows

A beautiful camelback couch with blue velvet upholstery set in a classic theme captured in daylight. 

Big blue sofa, with and without pillows, isolated on white background.

An L-shaped blue velvet couch with contrasting pillows, the velvet is of a darker shade of blue while the pillow is of a lighter shade of grey.

Ancient sofa in a retro interior. Vintage background

A classic style camelback with a light blue shade of velvet set in a classic vintage theme along with a dark brown wooden frame.

Still life of blue velvet sofa with camera, flowers and pro material suitcases

A darker blue velvet couch with vibrant accents and textures set in dim lighting.

Accents for the Blue Velvet Couch

Now that you have your material, color, shades, and design sorted out for the couch, time to look at accents. Colors and accents are the complimentary parts to your furniture; they need to have a contrast in all aspects with a specific quality of making the furniture stand out. They elevate the presence and overall theme of the room. 

Colors of accents need to compliment the shade of blue you go with; a darker shade requires accents on the lighter side of the color spectrum with brighter hues to help uplift the Blue Velvet Couch and bring it to all its glory. Lighter shades of blue will go well with darker accents with a sharper color palette to have brought the vibrancy and darkness in coherence with the lighter blue. 

Textures are complementary items that provide a sense of feel to the room. They are excellent light diffusers that reduce the overall shimmering effect of the blue velvet material. There are many options in terms of material and style; however, the most recommended style is window texture or treatments. They come in materials such as jute and acrylic, amongst others, and increase the room’s overall look indefinitely. 

For final touches, metal-coated candles, aesthetic lamps, decorative trays, and picture frames are excellent choices. They come in a very wide variety of styles, colors, materials, sizes, which helps in making the final look of the room extremely custom and chique. 

White home interior with sofa, armchair, posters, lamps and rug

A modern theme with blue velvet couch along with contrasting accents and textures to elevate the theme further. Artistic photo frames, hanging lamps, small swings, and artifacts made of jute.

Stylish and modern living room interior with blue velvet sofa, mock up paintings, design furniture, plant, table, decoration, concrete floor, elegant personal accessories in home decor.

A mid-century modern blue velvet couch with complimenting accents and textures with decorative photo frames, side tables, center tables, and artistic lighting.

Contemporary Upholstered Velvet Accent Chair Isolated on White. Modern Blue Faux Leather Wingback Club Armchair with Wing Armrests & Metal Feet Front Side View. Interior Furniture

Single blue velvet couch chique studio living room.

an armful of peonies on a blue couch. classic velvet sofa

Accent contrasting beautifully with a modernized blue velvet couch and custom upholstery.

Party morning, copy space. Classic apartments with blue buttoned sofa, decorated fir tree and red gift boxes. Party interior

A classical blue velvet couch set in a Party theme.

Blue wooden armchairs and couch in living room interior with plants and lamp above table. Real photo

A blue velvet couch set surrounded by contrasting accents and textures with lighter shades of different colors, house plants, carpets, hanging lights, and a carpet. All of the items support a background of white.

How to Maintain the Blue Velvet Couch

People often avoid the velvet material because they deem it to be too difficult to clean and maintain. Of course, if you have pets running around, it’s a good idea to keep couch covers for maintaining your Blue Velvet Couch. Modern velvet material has advanced significantly in aesthetics as well as in the maintenance department. 

To keep your velvet couch in its pristine glory, use a low-power vacuum cleaner and a brush to loosen some of the dirt in the crevices. The vacuum cleaner will remove all the dirt, and your aesthetic couch will be back in full power. For spills, try to clean as much of the moisture as soon as possible the rest will be easily handled through spot cleaning. Use a dry brush or steam cleaner for your aged flat velvet couches to bring plushy greatness.

dark blue velvet
A dark blue velvet couch in front of a gray wall with graphic paintings in a modern living room interior. Real photo.

Dark blue mid-century modern couch with velvet material set in a modern theme and complimenting accents and textures such as large artistic photos frames, indoor plants, and a carpet with modern style printing.

Interior of living room with dark blue walls, concrete floor with vases on it, a cabinet with books, candles and lamp and vertical mock up poster frame. Light blue sofa. 3d rendering

Contemporary mid-century modern couch with blue velvet material and contrasting accents and textures such as a bookshelf, wall mirror, lamp, and various artifacts contrast the blue velvet couch set in a mainly blue theme.

Mock up Living room interior design with blue sofa, empty blue wall with free space on right 3D render 3D illustration

Low ground clearance mid-century contemporary couch with blue velvet material set in a simple and elegant theme of blue with supporting accents.

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