7 Automation Ideas to Implement in Your Home

Home automation is huge. According to statistics, 81% of consumers are more likely to purchase a home already equipped with smart technology. People want smart home devices because they make life easier. Who wants to get up to adjust the thermostat when you can stay in bed and adjust it with an app?

Although smart thermostats are probably the most common smart device found in homes, smart technology has come a long way.

Nowadays, you can find a smart version of just about every device you can think of, including coffee makers and refrigerators. Here are some of the coolest smart automation devices and systems you can install in your home.

1. A smart system to create “modes” throughout your home

Imagine coming home from work, pushing a button, and turning your home into a relaxing space. With one button, the shades close, the lights dim, and your favorite meditation audio begins playing over your surround sound speakers.

With the right series of smart devices and programs, you can create a series of pre-programmed modes to call on at any time. You can create pre-set modes to support any experience from relaxation to feeling energized. You can even create a mode for your kids to play and a mode to help your kids wind down for an afternoon nap.

2. Smart home security

Hands down, if you love smart devices, you need a smart home security system. There are a few key differences between a standard security system and a smart security system. With a smart security system, you can:

·  Access your live feed from anywhere with an internet connection.

·  Hear what people are saying near your security cameras, on the recording and life.

·  Engage a two-way speaker to talk to whoever is at your door.

·  Unlock and lock doors remotely.

·  Get push notifications to your smartphone when alarms get triggered.

·  Silence false alarms from your phone.

The only downside to using a smart home security system is relying on the internet. If your internet goes down, your system will go offline. Outages are usually short-term, but with bad weather, it might go down for days.

3. A smart garage door system

Have you ever left the house and you can’t remember if you closed the garage door? A smart garage door system will make sure you never have to worry about that again.

A smart garage control system will allow you to open and close your garage door with an app on your phone. You can check the status of your door at any time, and if you accidentally left it open, you can close it with the touch of a button.

You can also open your garage door for neighbors or friends. For instance, if you need someone to check on your pets or your home while you’re away, simply open your garage door from your app.

4. 3-D printed home automation accessories

When you own a 3-D printer, it makes sense to use it as much as possible. You can download STL files for a ton of smart device accessories, like enclosures for devices, mounts for different modules, light switch covers, motion sensor cases, alarm clock stands, and more.

If you know how to design 3-D files, you can even create your own accessories for your smart home devices.

5. A portable smart table

Smart tables are essentially Bluetooth speakers with a shelf. You can put anything on top, including a plant or your iPod docking station.

Some smart tables provide USB ports to charge your devices, and they even come with a built-in microphone so you can make phone calls without using your phone. Yes, you read that correctly, you can make a phone call with a smart table. How cool is that?

6. Smart electric fireplace heaters

You’ve seen those electric fireplace heaters that look like a real fireplace. They come as freestanding units on wheels or wall-mounted units. Now you can get a smart version of these heaters that let you choose whether you want to look at logs, coal, or glass accents.

A smart electric fireplace heater also allows you to run the fire imagery without the heat, so you can enjoy the look of your fireplace even in the summertime.

7. Smart plugs

When you need to control devices that aren’t inherently smart, a smart plug will make that work. For example, with a smart plug in an outlet, you can remotely control any device plugged into that smart plug.

Smart home automation is the future, right now

Smart home technology is convenient, fun, and easy to use. If you can plug something into the wall and push a few buttons, you can automate your home.

Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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