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Whether you live in a safe neighborhood or a sketchy one, it never hurts to go that extra mile to ensure the security of your house. First, you worry about the safety of your material possession and the people living in the house. Second, you want to ensure that your home is safe from unwanted intruders while you are away. If you see the statistics, you’ll realize that most break-ins happen through the garage door because it is easier for a thief to break in through the garage. So, one might wonder how to protect the home from unwanted intruders? Continue reading this article to learn more about the topic. 

Clear Landscape: Many people plant trees and bushes on the sidewalk that hides a clear view of the garage. If you live in a suburban neighborhood and want some privacy, you might have as well shielded the area with some plants. But this privacy may cost you big time. It is common knowledge that burglars don’t feel safe breaking into someone’s garage if the door facing the roadside is open to all. An open garage door can be easily seen by neighbors and therefore is not a prime target of burglars. Plus, if the neighbors see something sketchy happening in front of your garage, they can inform you or alert the police about it. 

A Sturdy Door: Thanks to the infamous video on YouTube, teaching everyone how easy it is to break into garage doors, everyone can enter into someone’s home through the garage. Whether it is the neighborhood kids pulling up a prank, or an intruder wanting a break-in, it is super easy to unlock the garage door from outside unless, of course, you have a sturdy door installed. So when deciding on the garage door, don’t go for cheap, inexpensive doors that thieves can easily open. Investing in a good garage door is worth it in the long run. 

  • A strong door not only prevents intruders from entering a house but also protects the items inside. Many a time, inexpensive garage doors cannot withstand extreme weather such as heat and persistent rains. Plastic boxes and car parts melt when the garage door cannot resist severe heat during summer. That is why homeowners prefer martin garage doors that are strong-built and weather-proof. 
  • Install lighting over the garage door so that your garage is visible to the public at night. Additionally, you may install a 24*7 camera on top of the garage to monitor the space. 

Hide Your Stuff: Those who plan and break into people’s houses don’t do it overnight. It is a long process that takes careful consideration. The thieves carefully scan one’s residence for days, even weeks, before breaking in through the garage. They know when the house generally stays empty and where the expensive items are kept. Therefore, one must keep valuables locked inside cabinets that are not easily accessible. If a robbery occurs, make sure they do not find the valuable stuff lying upfront in the living room or common area. 

Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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