3 Weird And Wonderful Loft Conversions Ideas To Inspire You

Your loft has so much potential, being a whole new floor of your home which can be transformed into a usable space in your daily life. Often, home owners see their loft as a dark and confined space which tends to just be used for storage, but we can see far beyond this! With the help of specialist companies offering loft conversion London, your loft space can be transformed into a fully functioning part of your home to give you and your family some more space to enjoy. To help your creativity flow and inspire some new and unique ideas for your loft space, we have pulled together 3 of our favourite loft conversion ideas.

1. Your own creative studio

Each and every one of us have a passion of some kind, so why not create a dedicated space in your home which allows you to fully unwind after a busy day? For keen musicians, your loft is the perfect opportunity to transform into a music studio as it can be soundproofed and separated from the rest of the house, allowing you to practice in privacy and even record some of your upcoming hits! For those with an artistic flair, the space can be adapted into a studio for painting, pottery, sculpting or more, allowing you to get your head in the game and enjoy some creative time. By creating dedicated spaces for your hobbies without the need for an extension or renting a studio space, not only will you have everything you need right under your nose but having your own space can avoid stepping on the toes of everyone else in the house.

2. Watch the stars from your own bed

Picture this; you jump into your cosy bed after a busy day of work and look up at the night sky, with the bright moon creating a light glow that allows your mind to drift into a state of relaxation. Sounds luxurious right? Your loft can be transformed into an additional bedroom, with the cosy slanted roof and detachment from the rest of your home being unique features. We have seen some great examples of bedroom loft conversions being taken to the next level, with skylights being fitted to let in some bright sunlight during the daytime and creating a flow of fresh air. To take skylights one step further, the entire roof wall can be switched out with a glass panel for a full view over the surroundings, creating a luxury appearance that oozes relaxation.

3. Get your head in the zone

We all know how difficult it can be to concentrate when you’re surrounded by distractions, ranging from chattering family and noise from the outside to the temptation of the TV. A home office in the serenity of the loft space is the ideal setting for concentration, being decorated with the intent of a space to focus in. Whether you work from home, are running your own business or have family who need to concentrate on their studies, keep distractions to a minimum with a designated quiet space.

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