What are Black Mold spots? How to clean them from the bathroom? Tips to avoid them

It is human nature that he likes to have and live in a clean and peaceful environment. A person who is not even fond of cleaning very much will still clean his house this much that it must look presentable. The majority of people judge others’ cleanliness habits and routines from their washroom and kitchen. Suppose a tap of your washroom is leaking slightly drop by drop, you don’t pay attention to it and you went on a vacation, when you came back from vacation, you saw a big black mold spot on the wall of your washroom near the leaking tap. You will be shocked to see what it is, as it is very horrifying to see a big black or greenish-blue spot on the wall of your washroom but don’t worry every problem comes with a solution, first of all, we will know the causes of this black mold and then we will consider ways to reduce and prevent it.

What are black mold spots?

Black molds or Stachybotrys Chartarum Surfaces scientifically. Black mold spots appear as black or sometimes greenish. Black Mold spots are usually circular and in some cases, they can be of dark brown or dark green. You can even see a few small spots of white in it. Overall if we talk about its appearance of it then we can say that it is furry and it is not in the form of flakes, it cannot be scratched. Whenever you will see it for the first time in your washroom, you will feel awed and disgusted as seems very dirty.

Causes of Black Mold Spots :

These black mold spots are self-grown fungi. They grow in moist, damp, cold places. They cannot grow in warm or hot places as this specific type of fungi requires the cold temperature to enhance itself. If you have any kind of big container and water is stored in it for many days, after a few days, you will start seeing this black mold formation. It starts from the appearance of green color and then it reaches its extreme state where it not only destroys the water but also damages the place to which it is attached.

If you have a pipeline leakage or any water container then immediately replace and repair it as it can give rise to this filthy black mold.

How to clean black mold from bathroom

Because black molds are produced in damp environments so there is a big chance to have a black mold in your washroom if you live near a beach. Nobody wants to have a black patch on the white wall of his washroom but if this black mold forms then what should be the next step. If the mold is just starting and it has not occupied a big space then you can clean it by combining water and bleach in equal quantity and then clean the newly growing spot with it, repeat this process. But if the mold is occupying a large space from your washroom wall then the severity of the mold should be checked by mold inspection in West palm beach as they provide the best and fast service solutions for your this problem.

How to prevent black mold spot formation :


Everyone needs a neat and clean washroom, nobody wants to use a bathroom having a black spot on its wall as it feels very awkward. So there are some tips and tricks that you can use to make your bathroom black mold-free.

As told above these black molds are formed in cold and damped places and in our homes, the dampest place that comes in touch with the water most frequently is our washroom so to keep black mold out of our house we need to focus on our washrooms. The washrooms should be kept dry, the washroom should be ventilated properly and exhaust fans should be used after every time someone took bath so that the dampness can be removed and the washroom can be kept dry and clean.

One should always keep an eye on the damp places of the house especially the washroom and kitchen, if you have seen a small black spot on the wall of the washroom then clean it immediately as it is easy to nip the evil in the bud and if you noticed it later when it is grown into a big black mold then you should go for a mold inspection.

The next thing that can be an important point to keep in mind to prevent black mold is to use disinfectant sprays. People used to use water and soap to clean this type of mold but now there are many products for this purpose in the market. You can use bleach, vinegar, or disinfectant spray as per your budget or availability. Doing this after a small interval of time can cause the fungi molecules to die which will ultimately grow into big black molds. 

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