5 Benefits of Oak Furniture

Whether it’s commercial or household furnishings, wood is the main material in the US. Experts believe that around 60% of the furniture in homes across the nation is made from wood.

Arguably the most popular and most desirable wood type is oak. Oak furniture gives a classy and stylish outlook to your setting. It is also one of the most robust and durable elements on sale today.

We believe there are plenty more reasons to use this wooden furniture.

If you want to discover our reasons, keep reading until the end!

  1. Oak Furniture is Better for the Environment

Unfortunately, global warming is a serious matter in the modern age. According to Climate.gov, the earth’s temperature is rising by 0.32° F per decade. And it continues to climb at an alarming rate.

One way to combat the issue is turning to oak products since they are better for the planet.

There are a few ways these wooden products are more eco-friendly than other woods. However, the key reason it’s better is that it is almost a carbon-neutral product. It’s because the tree absorbs extensive CO2 throughout its life.

  1. Fantastic Durability

Oak wood’s fantastic durability is another reason why it is so eco-friendly. Since the furniture can last over generations, it can be passed throughout the family. That reduces the carbon footprint from producing new and more wooden products.

Oak wood can last indoors for up to 200 years with little maintenance.

  1. Low Maintenance

Every material exposed to elements and everyday life requires some maintenance. Softwoods such as pine, fir, and spruce require plenty of attention during their lifespan.

Since hardwoods are tougher than softwoods, they require less maintenance. Luckily, oak is a type of hardwood.

The only maintenance you will need for oak products is a coating of furniture oil a few times a year. On top of a dusting throughout.

  1. Wide Availability

Rare woods such as agarwood and Brazilian cherry are a luxury in your home. However, they are not so easy on your wallet or to find.

They are also only used for specific items or products, whereas oak wood is the opposite. You can find oak in almost every DIY or hardware store worldwide. Additionally, it is easy to work with, so you can buy oak shelves, flooring, and many more household items.

  1. Oak Is Always in Style

In the 80s, there were countless trends. Parachute pants and turtlenecks were popular crazes that have since lost popularity.

But no matter what year or decade it is, your wooden products will always be in style. If you move homes down the line, your furniture will stay in fashion. And you can drop it right into your new house, unlike any outdated house items, such as landlines or DVD players.

Buy Some Oak Furniture Today

After reading this article, you know some of the best reasons for oak furniture in your home. But the only way to take advance of those benefits is to start searching for your favorite wooden products today.

There are plenty of other benefits to oak furniture that you will uncover in its lifetime!

If you want to discover more ways to improve your home, continue reading our in-depth blog articles!

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