Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Secure Parcel Delivery Box

As more people embrace online shopping, the need to secure the delivery of goods has become crucial. In fact, a report by Accenture shows that at least 50% of Americans had their packages stolen in 2020. The trend is expected to continue unless people become more vigilant with how they receive their deliveries.

In this review, we shall discuss parcel delivery boxes and the benefits you can expect from owning the box.

It Reduces Package Theft

This is by far the biggest advantage of investing in a parcel delivery box. It helps you buy and receive items of all types without worrying about safety. Even when you are not at home, the delivery companies will still be able to leave your package behind, and you’ll always find it.

What security measures do secure parcel delivery boxes use? Most of these boxes are designed with an open lid and a combination system. A parcel can easily be inserted into the box through the open lid.

Taking the parcel out isn’t that easy, though. You’ll need the combination to open the box, which should be simple enough for you as the owner. On the other hand, burglars will have a hard time breaking into the box.

Another advantage of parcel delivery boxes is they come in different sizes. As the folks at iloveparcels report, some of these boxes can accommodate even large-sized items. Therefore, there aren’t too many limitations as to which packages they can hold.

It Reduces The Crime Rate Within Your Community

Installing secure parcel boxes is one of the easiest ways of reducing crime within your neighborhood. The reason behind this is pretty simple. When “porch pirates” find no unattended parcels in a neighborhood, chances are they will stop coming around altogether. This keeps your entire community safe. The other good thing about deterring parcel thieves is it also protects your home against other forms of crime. That’s because some petty thieves come to steal parcels only to find other opportunities. For instance, if they notice an unattended package outside your house, they might assume no one is inside. This could motivate them to break into your home and get away with your valuables.

With a secure box, thieves will never know if you have parcels or not. They also won’t be able to tell whether someone is home.

It Allows You To Receive Deliveries Round The Clock

Have you ever had to postpone a delivery simply because you know you won’t be around at that time? Well, this doesn’t have to be you anymore.

A secure parcel box allows you to receive an order (provided it fits inside) at any time of the day. It doesn’t matter if you are home or not – the box will secure the deliveries for you. Another highly unappreciated benefit of delivery boxes is how they can help you avoid unnecessary contact with delivery people. For instance, if a delivery is made late at night and you are alone in the house, you won’t have to open the door. The delivery people can simply leave the package inside the box, and you will pick it in the morning when it’s safer. 

It Protects Your Deliveries Against Harsh Weather

How many times have you come home to a delivery that has been rained on? This is a serious problem, especially in areas that receive a lot of rainfall like the UK. It’s also a big issue if the front door of your house doesn’t have any shed to protect deliveries.

A secure parcel box is a perfect solution for this problem. Not only does it protect your delivery against thieves, but it also safeguards it from harsh weather conditions. You’ll never have to worry about the safety of your parcels against rain or strong winds.

It Gives You More Freedom Shopping Online

From the above points, it’s clear that a secure delivery parcel will significantly enhance your online shopping experience. No longer will you have to schedule your day around a delivery. You can shop for just about anything and pick whichever delivery time and day you want without checking your calendar to see if you’ll be home or not. Also, most of these boxes are secured enough to keep even valuable deliveries safe. Having said that, you should know that some companies must have the recipient sign the delivery of an item. Sadly, the parcel box will not be enough in such situations. But aside from that, your other deliveries will always be safely stored in your box.

There’s honestly too much to gain from a secure parcel delivery box to not have one. The security and convenience it provides are simply unmatched.

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