How to Choose the Right Trampoline for Your Home Backyard

The trampoline is a valuable equipment that you can buy for your family. You should not hurry at the time of purchase because it will lead to making a non-revertible mistake. Choosing the best trampoline for your home backyard is important. If you want to know how to choose a trampoline then keep reading ahead.

In order to choose the right trampoline, you need to check many trampolines in market. After that, you should compare various features of different trampolines including price and warranty details. On completion of this procedure, you will get the best trampoline for your family with all the safety features you want.

How to Choose the Right Trampoline for Home Backyard

The trampolines are available in various sizes, shapes and styles. You need to check all important features of a trampoline to find out if it is the right trampoline for your backyard or not. Here we provide the key features that you should consider at time of choosing a trampoline for your kids.

Measure Your Home Backyard

Before you start looking a trampoline, you must measure your backyard. You need to know how much space is available in your backyard to find the right size trampoline for it. You can use a tape measure to measure your home backyard and know the amount of space you have for the trampoline.

When you measure your home backyard for a trampoline, you need to know some important points. You must leave at least 2 feet space in all directions of your trampoline. So, keep this thing in mind at the time of choosing a trampoline.

Trampoline with Springs or Springless Trampoline?

You must ask this question to yourself to begin search for the right trampoline. The springless trampoline is safer compared to the trampoline with springs but it also offers less bounces as it does not have springs. Moreover, the springless trampoline is much more expensive than the trampoline with springs.

Trampoline Brand

The trampolines are made by Skywalker, Zupapa, JumpSport, JumpKing, Merax, Giantex, Happy Trampoline and many other brands. The springless trampolines are made by only Springfree brand. No matter which brand trampoline you choose, make sure it has all the important features you expect from a trampoline to be in your home backyard.

Size and Shape

In order to get the best trampoline for your family, you need to get a perfect size. The trampolines are available in various sizes from 8 foot to 23 foot. If we talk about trampoline shapes, you can buy it in round, rectangle, square, oval and octagonal shapes. Out of these shapes, rectangle and square trampolines offer high bounces than others.

You must remember the space available in your home backyard and choose the right size and shape trampoline that will fit perfectly in it.

Safety Net Enclosure

The trampoline you choose for your backyard must have a safety net enclosure. The net is made of premium quality polyethylene material and is also UV resistant. The primary job of an enclosure net is to cover the entire jumping area of a trampoline and save the jumpers from falling out while playing on it.

Frame and Springs

The frame and springs are two important components of a trampoline. The trampoline frame must be made of a fully galvanized thick steel tubes with rust resistant coating. Only then it can provide good performance and long lasting use.

The springs must be tightly coiled and longer enough to provide better bounces. The springs should have rust resistance to stay rust-free and last longer.

Jump Mat and Spring Pad

You should check the material and quality of jumping mat and safety pad. Make sure the trampoline mat is made of UV protected polypropylene material as well as it is smooth and flexible to provide a comfortable jumping experience.

The safety pad (also known as spring pad/cover) is made of PVC with foam padding inside. It hides all the springs and frames to prevent the users (especially kids) from hitting or falling on the springs/frame.

Ladder and Anchors

A backyard trampoline is incomplete if it does not have a ladder and anchors. Some manufacturers provide a ladder and wind stakes with the trampoline. If it is not included then you should buy them separately to make your trampoline ready to use in your backyard.

The ladder allows you and your kids to easily climb on trampoline surface. The trampolines anchors (wind stakes) protect the trampoline during strong winds and storms. The anchors prevent the trampoline from flying away.

Final Verdict

After you have checked all the important points given above, you are ready to choose the right trampoline for your home backyard. You should buy a trampoline that fits perfectly in your backyard and meets all your needs still fits in your budget.

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