How Do You Make a Garden Day Bed?

Are you looking for an outdoor furniture to relax and spent some time with a book or cup of coffee? A daybed could be the best option because it easily spreads in your deck, backyard or any other empty corner of your garden. Once ready, a day bed offers a perfect place to enjoy your thoughts alone and spent time in the fresh breeze. Today, we will discuss how to construct such a price of furniture with some power tools.

Required time: Approx. 8 hours


Investment: $325

Required tools: Miter saw, measuring tape, impact driver, glue, screws (size – we will discuss below), wooden boards. Safety wears including gloves and shades. 

Step 1: Choose a location and take measurements

  • We will construct a bed from queen size mattress. However, you can choose any other size if required and prepare accordingly. Its recommended that you buy precut woods to save hard work and time. 
  • Start by cutting 2 x 3 (62 x 82) boards because a standard queen size mattress is 60 x 80 inches in measurements. Install another 62 x 82-inch board down the long center to add more support and strength to the bed. 
  • Next, you need to create some support for the mattress. So, take a 1 x 4 board and cut 16 logs at 62 inch each. We will install these support at a difference of 3 inches in between.
  • To create the sides and frame of the bed, you need to cut 1 x 6 boards. Cut two of them with a length of 62 inches. For the long sides, cut two boards at 83-1/4 inches. 
  • Use the leftovers from 2 x 3 boards to make some legs for the bed. Attach longer pieces on the sides and middle. You will need a miter saw to make perfect shapes for the sides. No need to make any measurements while creating the legs. Use whatever you got.

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Step 2: Make the frame

  • We have the materials ready to make the frame. Start by placing two 82 inch boards and two 62 inch boards to create a rectangular frame. Keep in mind that the 62 inches’ boards should be outside of the resulting rectangle. Screw the 62 inch boards into 82 inch boards using couple of screws at each of their corners. 
  • Place the third 82-inch board in the middle. Use two screws to fix it with rest of the structure. As we discussed earlier this board will work as an additional support for the day bed. 
  • Attach all the legs to add some height to the frame. 

Step 3: Add the back rest and arms

We will use mahogany pieces to construct the armrest. For the vertical side, we will use 21 inches’ pieces and for the horizontal side, it will be 31 inches. Keep in mind that the upper horizontal pieces need to be installed two inches below from the top of the 21 inches’ boards. Also, we need to leave a 3-inch gap between vertical prices. Use glue and screws worth 1-1/4 inch screws to fix all the slats together. Repeat the above mentioned steps to create the arm rest for other side. 

We will use 74 inches and 21 inches’ boards to create the backrest. Place the 74-inch board horizontally and maintain a gap of three inches between them. Lay three 21 inch pieces over the horizontal ones. The boards at the sides should be at least 5 inches away from their ends. Attach one 21-inch piece in the middle for extra support. Use glue and 1-1/4 inch screws to fix this newly made back rest to the existing frame.

Step 4: Final steps

Add 1 x 4 boards to the frame. As we discussed earlier, they will provide more support to the mattress and users. Leave 3 inches of space in between the slats and fix them with two screws at each ends. Once the bed is ready, you can use an existing mattress or purchase a new one.

Do not forget to cover the cushion with a water proof cover, which will protect it from external elements. Tuck a beautiful bed sheet around the mattress, throw some pillows, lean back and enjoy the evening coffee. 

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