5 Timeless Accessories That Make Every House Feel Like Home

Moving to a different house or building your new home is a rather exciting adventure. It allows you to build a home you always wanted for yourself and your beloved family members. However, it’s not always fun and games. There are plenty of factors you have to consider and a lot of things you have to do.

One of those things is making the new house feel like home. Now, on paper, this might seem like one of the easiest things to do, but it’s not. This is especially true when you have a lot on your plate with remodeling and your day job. Fortunately, there are a few simple accessories you can use to make your house feel homey. Here’s what you have to get for your new house.

  1. Get A Rug

A lot of people consider the rug to be a part of the furniture, but it’s not. This is a wonderful accessory that can make your house look warm and comfortable. Having bare floors can be interesting, especially if you have a beautiful hardwood floor, but it can also seem cold and sterile. Therefore, if you want your house to look more welcoming, you should definitely buy a rug. This can be pricey, therefore, make sure to plan your budget and research the market in order to find the best buy option.

  1. Blue Cushions

Nothing speaks home like a lot of soft cushions on the furniture. Using cool neutral cushion colours like blue can really make the living room more comfortable and pleasant for the family. You can buy beautifully designed cushions, or you can try to order and make customized cushions for your living room. This accessory makes the family members in the house feel relaxed, but it also makes guests feel more welcome at your house. Therefore, this is definitely an investment worth making.

  1. Family Portrait

One of the best ways to personalize your house and make it more homey is to hang a family portrait on the living room wall. Now, this doesn’t have to be a fancy portrait, and you don’t have to dress yourselves in suits and dresses. The portrait can be fun and candid. The important thing is that you enjoy seeing it every day. This is, without a doubt, one of the most wonderful things you can have in your house. Also, you should know that you will have a lot of fun making this portrait.

  1. Book Shelf

Don’t get us wrong, we are not talking about those big bookshelves you see in the library. No, we are talking about those small, single shelves you can put on any wall of your house. There aren’t many things that will make your house look more homey than a bookshelf, trust us. 

Just picture yourself coming home after a hard day’s work, coming into your living room, picking an interesting book from your beautiful wooden shelf, and reading it in a comfortable chair. This accessory is not expensive and if you have experience working with wood, you could even make it yourself. Books are timeless and having them on your wall is the perfect way to decorate your house and make it warm and welcoming. It also shows people who come to your house that you are a sophisticated and cultural person.

  1. Framed Movie Posters

When it comes to putting framed pieces of art on the wall, most people think about classic paintings from famous painters. However, you can do something a little bit different. If you are a movie enthusiast, you can find posters of your favorite movies, frame them, and hang them on the wall. This is a wonderful way to show people your interests and decorate your home.

Also, having movie posters on your wall is definitely a good conversation starter. Therefore, when new guests come to your house, you won’t have to struggle to find topics for conversation. However, make sure to only frame posters of your favorite movies. This way you won’t get bored with them.

Settling in a new house is definitely one of the most exciting things you can do with your family. However, every once in a while, people have problems making the new house feel like home. If you find yourself in a similar situation, make sure to try the things we mentioned today. Doing those things won’t require too much of your time and money, but it will make your new house feel like a warm home you and your beloved family members deserve.

Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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