Three Ways To Fend Off A Divorce

If your relationship is in trouble, you may have already resigned yourself to the fact that you are going to be divorce. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Many relationships that end up in divorce could be salvaged if the right work was done early enough. So often, people end up divorced due to issues that come up that were very preventable. 

Though some divorces come from such extreme circumstances that any other outcome can be hard to imagine, many divorces could have gone another way.

In this article, we discuss ways you can prevent your relationship from heading for divorce to save heartbreak and hassle for both parties.

Understand The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

Though divorce can sometimes sound like the easy way out, and you can fantasize about resetting and starting over again, the reality is that you are most likely going to find the same issues with a future partner.

In the midst of the hard times, you can be so frustrated and angry, and hurt by your partner that separation can seem like a very logical and sensible thing to do. If you feel like you’ve tried really hard and that your partner has not tried hard then you can imagine yourself finding someone else and starting a relationship with them, and both equally investing in the relationship and being a lot happier.

Unfortunately, this rarely works out.

Most people that get divorced find the same issues they had with their previous partner are repeated. Though of course there are some edge case scenarios where divorce from a very unhealthy and psychologically intimidating individual can be a really positive thing, and you could hope for a happier relationship with someone else, for the majority of divorces, this is not the case.

You are far better off doing the hard work and investing in your current marriage and trying to salvage it. 

That way, if you do end up getting divorced and walking away, you can sleep at night knowing that you gave it everything. You will be able to move on knowing that you tried your hardest and it just was not meant to be.

GSRM Law has facilitated many divorces that could have been prevented with more effort and attention at the right time.

Spend Some Time Together

So many divorces and strained relationships end up coming about because there wasn’t enough time spent together. In many modern relationships, both people are working very hard at very stressful jobs, and in the remaining time they have left outside of work, they are often looking after children and contributing to other community causes.

Though this is admirable, it is important to recognize that a successful relationship requires work. 

If you are not actively investing in your relationship and nurturing your connection with your partner, it will deteriorate over time. This is guaranteed.

The first thing you should think about if you feel like your relationship is struggling and you are worried about divorce is whether you think you are both putting enough effort into the relationship as it is.

If you feel like you could invest more to prevent divorce, then this is worth doing. Even if your partner will not recognize this and start taking action, you can start taking action and expressing your commitment and care.

If you notice an issue and then start putting in the work to try and fix it and your partner never does, then you will know that you have tried everything you can. But if you haven’t yet tried this step, this is something you must put your effort into first.

If you and your partner can’t justify spending one night per week together to work on your relationship, then how could you possibly think that you are both committed to making this marriage work?

Eye Contact

You would be surprised how long we can go without making eye contact with a loved one. Eye contact is very important to relational intimacy. If you don’t think you and your partner have much eye contact then start initiating it now.

It is important to understand that eye contact can be intimidating for some people, so you need to be discerning in how much eye contact you seek to prevent overwhelming your partner. 

But if you feel like this is lacking in your relationship, then start experimenting with small amounts of eye contact as a very intimate way of expressing your love and care, and concern for the other person.

Final Thoughts

Relationships are easy to understand when you think about it. It is not a matter of committing to a relationship and then expecting it to work out from that point forward. 

Both parties need to understand that relationships are living and vibrant organisms that need active maintenance and attention.

If either of you stops putting in the work to maintain and sustain your relationship, then that is the first thing you should try and fix. 

Even if your partner won’t make the effort, you can start and make the commitment yourself. If that doesn’t inspire them to commit more to your relationship, at least you can walk away knowing you did everything you could.