All you need to know about passive income

You may have heard that you earn money from passive sources even while sleeping. Yes! It’s true but most people don’t know how it works. Passive income is the only source of money that allows you the liberty of earning money by making a one-time effort in anything, whether they are stocks, rental properties, or digital assets to get an impressive return. 

So yes! It’s true but having the right knowledge about this earnings source makes you able to do things extraordinarily. Earning the passive income method doesn’t work as people think of it. Because there is no such thing like overnight success for earning money. You got to pay heed and follow the source you chose for a long period. Then you get something in return.

Therefore, in this article, I will cover all the crucial aspects of passive income that will help you in earning passive income. So, let’s get started.

What is passive income?

This widely used term “Passive income” is basically a type of income which you earn by putting one-time effort into something such as rental properties, digital assets, stocks, affiliate programs and many more things. The reason why it is called passive income is, that you don’t get the income in real-time like active income. 

You get your money in your hands when the whole process of earning is completed. This type of income demands a prolonged time to get earned. This is the main reason why people love it if they may start working on any of the passive sources now, they will begin getting a wealthy return after some time.

Passive Income vs Active Income

Well, a dissimilarity between active and passive income is, there are no risks in active income. An active income is a source of money, which you get by working in an organization under a specific time period and get paid monthly or weekly. In active income, you get your money anyhow in your hand without any risks at the end of the month.

Whereas passive income is all about selling, building or buying assets without a time limit. The only goal you have is to make the asset you are working on, valuable. It may take 1 year, 4 years or many years to earn. But the return you get is typically high.

There is also a risk factor in this, if your asset whether physical or digital doesn’t work, then you may bear the loss. Remember, if you don’t take risks, you can’t achieve anything worthwhile. The risk allows to you go beyond the limits to do things exceptionally. Therefore, the return is huge.

One of the best examples of passive income sources is, Blogging, you put your effort hard into a website and stay consistent for a long time to see the results.

As soon as your website becomes visible on the internet and you get traffic on it. You start generating revenue from the website since it is a business. You may have seen a lot of websites, BBC news, HuffPost and many more blogs that puts massive content on websites and earn money through ads and sponsorships.

Different modes of passive income:

Passive income falls into two main categories includes “creating mode and investing mode”. Each type is a little different and can easily be adopted as per the financial goals of an individual. 

Investing mode:

A sum of money that is generated by investing in assets whether physically or digitally always demands an initial investment and may also include stocks, dividends, rental property, peer lending, capital gains or royalties.

Creating mode:

This mode of passive income also requires time, but no initial investment and with the passage of time as you keep working on sources of passive income such as owning a YouTube channel, selling affiliate products, writing books, and many more. You get a flow of cash in your wealth. But this needs patience and consistency to achieve the milestone.

How much money can you earn from passive sources?

There is no fixed limit to earning graph of a passive income. Your passive income may be within a few bucks a month or maybe thousands of dollars a month. This all depends on the type of asset you have and how passionate about you are.

If the asset has scalability, your income shift to the next level as you pay heed to your work. Since you are investing your time, energy and sometimes initial money requirements, so the selection of passive income source should be selected decisively.

Is Passive income taxable?

Yes! For sure like any other type of income, Passive income also falls under the tax net. Internal revenue service “IRC” will collect the tax from all your passive sources as per their tax percentages. In general, the tax ratio is the same as the other salaried individuals. Although the tax may be more than the regular ratio if your revenue surpasses a limit. 

Some examples of passive income sources:

These are the best examples of passive income that gives you a good wealthy return. 

  • Selling affiliate products
  • Blogging
  • YouTube channel
  • Rental properties
  • Stocks

Pros of passive income:

These are the advantages of having sources of passive income which entertain the individual in the long run monetarily. 

  • Financial liberty: Passive income comes with the risk factor which allows a person to go beyond the limits and do unconventional things. Passive income is more than saving extra bucks. Having multiple streaming incomes allows you to become self-dependent and build up your wealth to the next level. This also gives you the flexibility of working, you can work without any time limit. Moreover, you stop limiting yourself which is one of the biggest signs of maturity. 
  • Less hectic: When you have the authority over something, you simply work on that thing fearlessly. You don’t take the pressure and feel depressed. You have full authority of working limitless and appear more confident. There is also no requirement for a specific place if it is digital. You can work from wherever else you want. 
  • Side income: This is your passive income until its complete establishment. Once this source of money starts earning, can become your main income stream. Obviously, it will consume time to get established.


If you want to earn more and don’t want to reveal the source. Passive income is an ideal option for your concern since it is completely flexible, you don’t need to do any hassle for it. It doesn’t make you bound to any specific thing.