5 Best Commercial Vinyl Flooring Options for High-Traffic Use

Durability often takes a high priority status when it comes to any kind of commercial flooring that will be exposed to daily high traffic. Some of the most exposed flooring conditions tend to be places with lots of daily attendance by a high number of people such as schools and airports. Fortunately, there are a number of vinyl flooring choices available that cover all types of office or commercial needs. Here are some of them that see high demand, as well as application in various environments:

Durability Leader – Terrazzo

Versatile as well as customizable for designs, logos and appearance, Terrazzo vinyl has been tremendously popular because of a proven history of performance in some of the most trafficked locations and facilities available to the public. That includes opera houses, shopping malls and large corporate common pathways and entranceways. The trade-off with Terrazzo is that while it performs well it needs to be applied in large surface allocations. The price point for Terrazzo is a bit prohibitive for small flooring projects and singular rooms. The price per square foot goes down considerably when the job size is an entire building floor or similar. On the other hand, the cost paid up front lasts for decades as Terrazzo score very high in longevity and avoiding a need for flooring replacement over a long period of life. 

Moisture Resistance – Quarry Tile

For environments where water is a constant or frequent risk as well as high humidity or general moisture presence quarry tile is a very good choice. This type of vinyl tends to be used a lot in cafeteria, restaurants, gyms, and warehouses. It’s not the most attractive choice and tends to be limited in terms of choices, variations, colors and similar. However, the function of quarry tile really puts out a well-deserved reputation for performance. Maintenance is a big factor in pushing quarry tile longevity to its maximum delivery. That includes regular cleaning, mopping, and sweeping. 

Going for Aesthetics – Luxury Vinyl Tile

Just like the name sounds, luxury vinyl tile provides a building an upgraded versus of vinyl flooring. The reason why it tends to be so popular is that this choice simulates many other flooring choices very well, it still provides the well-known protections of vinyl in terms of moisture protection and durability, and the price point can be affordable depending on the specific choice. Being tile form, it can be installed in many challenging environments with fixtures that can’t be moved out, as well as repaired and replaced easily and quickly. Referred to in the industry as LVT, luxury vinyl tile is often chosen for areas with lots of external public traffic where a facility wants to make a big visual impression. Many casinos, for example, have installed LVT both for the durability as well as the appearance. It can duplicate natural stone, brick patterns, natural wood appearance and other flooring looks that can be reproduced in vinyl form. 

Commercial Grade Utility Tile

For work environments where there are vehicles, tools, rollers and heavy equipment, floor tile needs to be able to handle and take a beating from wear and tear as well as be easy to clean and maintain, such as oil spills, grit, dirt and similar. Installed in a tile format, commercial grade utility tile is often designed for both traction as well as moisture resistance and damage defense. With both an ability to prevent slippage when walked on as well as withstand heavy equipment placement, commercial grade utility tile is oftentimes a must for professional garage and fleet facilities, factories, labs, and heavy-duty work environments. Utility tiles comes in a limited range of choices, with more variation based on texture than appearance. Often produced in light grays and similar coloring, this type of flooring is often designed to reflect light back upward to help illuminate a work room even more than it otherwise would be with a dark floor. 

Commercial Vinyl Flooring Shapes

Remember, modern commercial vinyl is now produced in three big shape options which definitely influence and expand its installation. Tile, sheet, and planks are all possible, and dramatically expand options for how vinyl is installed and finished in a variety of commercial environments. While sheet vinyl might be the most basic and oldest method used, tile and plan commercial vinyl help provide choices for more challenging flooring projects that require lots of break up and intersections of fixtures, such as wide floors with lots of load bearing supports and mid-level path channel fixtures. 

Expertise in Availability and Installation

S&R Carpets and Flooring has been professionally installing commercial flooring since 1979. Vinyl has been around just as long, if not longer, and that level of experience and skill is reflected as S&R teams provide vinyl flooring installation today with the latest versions and products. Vinyl flooring has come a long way in the last four decades ago, and when one compares the old-style flooring with what’s available today the difference is literally night and day in terms of improvement. Combined with expert installation vinyl flooring can provide a facility or commercial environment a tremendous boost and renovation from older conditions. Give us a call and our team will be more than willing to personally evaluate your facility or building environment and help you to find the right vinyl match that works for your expectations, budget, project goals and conditions. We’re here to help!