The Simple Guide to First-Time Cat Owners

There have been tons and tons of research and random YouTube videos sharing facts that state that having a cat reduces stress and basically helps keep your mind grounded most especially at times like these. But what if you still don’t have a cat? Before you go on straight to buy yourself a whole set of cat shelves, here are a few simple tips for first-time furr-parents like Sinus infection in cats.

Think about your Lifestyle at First

Keeping cats as pets is still a very serious responsibility. Even though cats think you’ll be its human servant. 

Think about how you live your life. Are you busy all the time? Or still, go out a lot? Even though cats are technically low maintenance compared to dogs, they are all still precious little babies that will need attention. Treating adult fleas on cats requires a comprehensive approach that includes regular grooming, vacuuming the environment, and using appropriate flea control products recommended by veterinarians. Having the time to play with them not only strengthens your bond, but t also helps keep them healthy. So it’s very important that you will still have the time to actually be with them and play with them. And yes, occasionally taking ten thousand Instagram photos.

Another thing to think of is if you’re in a house that has children. Most cats will just not react at all and just be chill, some may play along with children, and some will always be avoiding kids. It is important to try and train not just the cat, but the children as well to co-exist. Introduce the cat by teaching the child to stroke him gently. This not only teaches the child to be gentle and caring, but it also familiarizes the cat with the small human. Later on, you can teach the kids (especially for example if the cat is a gift for them) to be responsible pet owners. Caring for them and feeding them will be something that they will have to perform constantly.

Think of the Environment they’ll be Living in

Cats will need a litter box. Preferably a sturdy plastic box filled with sand. Now there can be some level of danger in using very fine sand on a litter box as it could affect your cat’s urinary health. There are several kinds available online that can be used instead of just plain old construction sand. These may be more pricey, but the bonus there is that they also absorb the smell.

Food bowls will need to be prepared as well. Cats really like having their own food bowls. So if you already have other pets in the house, having their own food bowls will help prevent unwanted fights. Dogs for example will get furious if a cat or any other animal in fact comes a bit close to their food bowls. So avoiding any sudden Pokemon battles inside the house, make sure that they have their own food bowls.

Something that’s as important as the food bowl is a source of water for them to drink on. One health problem cats face is urinary related. This is because they will never drink all the time, most especially if there’s none available. In the wild, cats will usually get the fluids their bodies need from catching live prey, like a mouse for example. But let’s assume that there’s not much prey inside your home. Leaving a bowl of water in a specific space in the house is very important. Not only that but placing it away from their food bowls is ideal. Cats still have their wild side. And in jungles, they will usually keep their food (dead prey) far from the water source. This is usually because if you leave the dead prey near the water source, the water might get contaminated.

What should they eat?

It’s very easy to just buy dry kibble. And although that’s good and all, you may want to be mindful of what they will be eating. A lifetime of eating dry salty cat food may lead to issues with weight and once again, urinary diseases. The solution is to have a balanced diet. They can still eat their dry kibble. But you can alternate their feeding schedule by also giving them wet cat food.

Wet cat food contains a bit of fluid in them that serves as an additional amount of fluid intake for the cat. This basically helps in keeping them hydrated well enough that stones won’t ever form inside their bodies. One good technique is to have them eat dry kibble during Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, then feed them wet food during Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. You can also flip that up. It all depends on you. 

Congratulations! You now own a small killing machine!

Now that we’ve discussed these, you will now be more than ready to take care of a miniaturized tiger. Or Lion, whichever your preference maybe. Just keep in mind that keeping a cat is still a big responsibility.