Renovation Tips: 8 Creative Bathroom Shelf Ideas

The bathroom serves the hygienic function of every home. Hence, it tends to be cluttered with shower necessities such as towels, shampoo bottles, toothpaste tubes, and the like. It is the room where you start and end the day doing self-grooming and cleaning.

And when you think of renovating your bathroom, I bet additional storage spaces come first to your mind. Organizing a bathroom can seem a little distressing when you see your stuff scattered all over the place. Worry no more, the bathroom shelves will sort it out for you!


We will give you a list of a handful of nifty and stylish bathroom shelves ideas that will spruce up your bathroom space and make it more storage efficient.

1. Corner Shelves

Do you have limited space in your bathroom? You will have to find an empty corner to install this floating corner shelf! Not only are these corner shelves much easier to fit in small spaces, but they also will make any room look more appealing. Also, the good thing about this type of shelf is that it can be customized in size depending on your preferred height and width. 

2. Wall-mounted Floating Shelf

This type of shelf is very efficient to store your necessities without needing to add an extra space in the room. You can style your floating shelves with ornaments that will spice up the room and cover up the pile of your stuff. 

Wall-mounted shelves will not only be a space-saver for your room but also will add an accent to the room!

3. Shower Caddy

One of the favorite organizers is the shower caddy for its versatile hook that can be hanged or clipped to the shower door. It also has drainage holes that ensure your shampoo bottles stay dry and can dry quickly.

Also, some of these organizers have installed disposable storage containers for shampoo and liquid soaps. It will minimize the pile of bottles on the shelves. 

4. Recessed Shelves

Recessed shelves are ideal for bathrooms with limited space and have a low ceiling for extra storage shelves. Although, this type of shelf creates a hall wall that makes it challenging for a DIY renovation. 

It can function as storage for toiletries, towels, plants, and candles. But remember to consider installing recessed bathroom shelves or recessed shower shelves beforehand for this will also affect the decision-making of what wall panels to be installed. 

5. Industrial Pipe Shelf

Industrial Pipe Shelf features an open shelf design. It highlights the retro style of the pipes used to support the wooden shelves. This is commonly used in cafes, restaurants, offices. Highly- functional and decorative are the main features of this shelf.

6. Vertical Ladder Shelf

The sloping design of this ladder makes it a distinctive storage shelf. It can be firmly attached to the screws to maintain its stability and won’t create any accidents. Also, it consists of many levels on which you can place decorations, plants together with your necessities. 

A dull wall is a perfect spot for a ladder-type shelf. It does not occupy much of the space since it is just leaning on the wall yet provides a large space for storage. It will give your bathroom a new look and personality!

7. Shower Stools

Stools are multi-purpose, it can be used as a seat or for placing stuff. Hence, stools come in limited size compared to a normal chair, it can be handy and can be placed inside the shower where it can hold your necessities when taking a bath. 

It can also come with rubber stoppers to prevent the stool from sliding since it is commonly placed inside the shower room.

8. Vanity Shelf

Vanity shelves are placed beneath the sink that is often open or exposed. They are perfect for storing extra towels, stocks of shampoo bottles, and soap that are to be stored for weeks. This can also hold baskets of toiletries for the clutter to be hidden.  

You can also add additional lighting on the floating piece of wood under the sink to add illumination. An elegant and minimalist style!


As the bathroom is a place for maintaining our hygiene, it is also needed to be maintained clean. Bathroom shelves will surely help you in putting your stuff in place, and at the same time will give an additional interior design in the room. 

As you consider renovating or constructing your bathroom, storage spaces should be on the top of your priorities since this will save you from the stress of having a cluttered bathroom over time. 

Shown in this article are only some of the bathroom shelf designs, you can check out other styles on this website: Should you love these ideas, make sure to share this article with your colleagues!

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